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The Physics of Mosh Pits

Research into how humans behave in crowds had mostly been limited to fairly organised situations, like pedestrians forming lanes when walking on the street. But when Jesse Silverberg, a graduate student at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, took his girlfriend to her first heavy metal concert a few years ago, he witnessed a different […]

Rhage: Sensational music star in Sierra Leone

La-Toya Rhage Bianca, the sensational, dynamic, sexy and incredible upcoming Sierra Leonean music icon, is releasing more of her promotional songs in the coming days. The songs in question are not only sensual but are sure blockbusters by Sierra Leone and even by international standards. Rhage, as she is popularly known, is indeed a musical […]

Whiz kid from Sierra Leone built own battery, radio transmitter

Kelvin Doe’s neighborhood in Sierra Leone has power lines, but they seldom deliver electricity. So, the 16-year-old whiz kid built his own battery out of acid, soda, and metal parts scavenged from trash bins that he now uses to light up area homes and help him work on his own inventions. Among other gadgets to […]

2011-03-25 – European Student Drug Policy Reform Conference – University of Manchester – Manchester

Anarchy In The Uk

Stiff upper lip and a cup of tea?  No mate – thousands of very angry people protesting in the street of London and the force of their passion portrayed even to the Prince of the land and his Mrs. What will they make of this direct confrontation of discontent ?

Metallica Offering 50K Reward For Missing Fan – Metallica News @ antiMusic.com

Metallica Offering 50K Reward For Missing Fan – Metallica News @ antiMusic.com. Missing Girl Morgan Harrington, the 20-year-old Virginia Tech student Metallica have stepped to the plate to help find a missing fan. Fox News reported on air Saturday that the Metallica’s James Hetfield spoke with the father of Morgan Harrington, the 20-year-old Virginia Tech […]