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Strawberry Switchblade – Go Away (Original Version)

I thought as a lot said they knew there was another version other than the album version I’d give them a treat. Direct off the original vinyl it’s the B Side to the Trees and Flowers 7″. NAD turntable, Ortofon cartridge, Sony Amp and Marantz Graphic.. dug the vinyl out the cupboard and Hey Presto! […]

STUFF I *REALLY* LIKE: Monetizing the Hate

I don’t have one fraction of the public attention as a blogger that Heather lives with, but even I, somewhat piddly li’l Appalachian mommyblogger that I am, can be subject to/of some really, really mean online commentary. Lately, I must tell y’all, that anonymous vitriolic stuff has really been getting me down. As someone with […]