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Contaminated heroin claims another victim

NEWS SOURCE : www.talkingdrugs.org   Heroin infected with anthrax has claimed its first victim in Kent. The victim was admitted to hospital over the weekend and was pronounced dead yesterday afternoon. She was a 37 year old woman who was an injecting drug user. The news comes as the latest development in an ongoing crisis […]

Uzbek HIV activist sentenced to 7 years imprisonment

News Source – Talking Drugs Maksim Popov, a psychologist and head of the non-governmental organization known in Uzbekistan for its energetic work with drug users and sex workers, has been sentenced to seven years imprisonment as a result of his HIV prevention efforts. Popov is leader of the NGO “Izis,” created by young professional medical […]

The use of crystal meth implies unsafe sexual promiscuity

News Source: Talking Drugs Crystal meth is here to stay and as it appears its effects have brought to life again the madness and frivolity of the past cocaine decades. Long and exhausted sex marathons without safety controls, collective conspiracy among its users to perform the dance of loneliness until their bodies are rescued by […]