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FFRUK Reggae Punk with Segs – The Ruts + The London Cowboys + TBC + The Spirit Of Andy Warhol

Segs Jennings – A Legendary Punk Rock, Acid House, Reggae impresario. Original bass player and co writer of Seminal Punk Band The Ruts Dj-ing throughout the night.
The London Cowboys – A rock’n'roll band who performed from 1980 to 1986. Formed by punk renegades Steve Dior (vocals) and Barry Jones, formerly of The Idols, the band [...]

FFR UK shared THE VEX / ARTS L.A.’s photo.

www.ffruk.com FFR UK has had a colourful decade. Lots of laughs, good times & now memory loss! Today FFR UK is a blog and online record label and is home to: The Duel, THe Tights & TBC ;) More info to come xx

Saturday Nov 17th 8pm $5 all [...]

2011-05-12 – TBC – 12 bar – London, London

2011-05-08 – TBC – 12 bar – London, London

2010-12-05 – BAND TBC – 12 bar – London, London

2010-07-30 – THE DUEL with Paranoid Visions – TBC – Dublin