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Morrissey Live in London

Ok so having just read Morrissey’s autobiography, l now find myself on route to the O2 in North Greenich, wow that’s a bit of journey getting there from West London but due to the recent incursions of going Eastbound to Limehouse, the Troxy, it was actually a walk in the park getting to the O2 [...]

Rock N Roll is the Answer!

Joey Ramone
On the 21st of April the Ramones will¬† release a new album called ‘Ya Know’?. Created by compiling demos and unreleased recordings that were made before the death of Joey Ramone in 2001. This Small Clip shows the creation and manufacturing process of the one of the lead vinyl single ‘Rock N Roll [...]

Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2011

Somebody Put Something In My Drink – Feat. Richie Ramone

Special moments in Rock & Roll and one them has become the annual birthday party bash in memory of Joey Ramone. The amount of people this man has inspired and warmed is incredible. Long live The Ramones. We love you Joey.  See you there at the [...]

I Slept With Joey Ramone (A Family Memoir)

I Slept With Joey Ramone is the story of the Ramones and the rise of punk music, and a touching memoir about brotherhood from Joey Ramone’s brother.

2009-08-14 – Cj Ramone – Sin City – Swansea, Swansea