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Innovative new tool for breathing under water

The new Triton Oxygen Respirator works like a gill by separating the oxygen from water on demand. This will allow scuba divers to safely stay under water for longer periods using less equipment. The Triton Oxygen Respirator may also help emergency services, for example; firemen going into a burning building will be able to breath […]

Something rotten Down Under: John Lydon makes a fool of himself on Australian TV

Yesterday John Lydon threw a hissy fit on Australian TV talk show The Project and ended up the fool. Looking like a pudgy old tart with a stick up his arse, Lydon’s rant was bereft of even the slightest trace of humor or punkish charm. It’s really quite embarrassing. Hey, hey, hey Mrs, shut up. […]

‘Horror Europa’: an excellent trawl through the history of European horror cinema

The Hallowe’en season seemed pretty drawn out this year. That’s fine with me though, ‘cos I love it! What other chance to do we get to celebrate all those freaky and ghoulish things we normally hide under our beds and in our broom cupboards? If you want to keep the chills running down the back […]