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The fall of music giant EMI: What went wrong?

NEWS SOURCE :  www.theweek.com

The iconic record label — home to acts from the Beatles to Katy Perry — has been taken over by Citigroup. What happened?
Citigroup has foreclosed on the debt-laden British record label EMI, home of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Coldplay, and Katy Perry, among many others. The company was bought in 2007 by [...]

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke warns of ’sinking’ record labels

BBc website report on Tom Yorke warning bands about major record labels going ‘down’.  Unfortunately it seems what efects the co-orporates effects the smaller labels down the chain too.  Its all fine for the established artist who has already a  established a global voice for the songs via big labels or family/ friends connections – [...]