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By Jamie Elliott


Charities representing survivors of child sexual abuse are calling for a statue depicting a man and a naked boy on the front of the BBC’s London headquarters to be removed because its creator was a paedophile.

SINGULAIR FOR SALE, The organisations claim the graphic and prominently positioned sculpture by Eric Gill, who abused his sisters and two of his daughters, is hurtful and insulting to victims of abuse.

“It’s an insult to allow a work like this to remain in such a public place, cheap SINGULAIR, Fast shipping SINGULAIR, ” said Fay Maxted, Chief Executive of the Survivors’ Trust, SINGULAIR pharmacy, Is SINGULAIR addictive, a body which represents 130 organisations supporting survivors of rape, sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse.It is almost mocking survivors, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, SINGULAIR forum, it is intolerable.”

Peter Saunders, CEO of the National Association for People Abused in Childhood (NAPAC) agrees, SINGULAIR from canadian pharmacy. Where can i order SINGULAIR without prescription, “There’s a strong argument that this [the statue] should be removed,” he said, order SINGULAIR online c.o.d. SINGULAIR steet value, “These symbols are in people’s faces.”  The statue was especially inappropriate in the light of the recent Jimmy Savile scandal, he added, where can i buy SINGULAIR online. Online buying SINGULAIR,

Eric Gill statue above main entrance to BBC Broadcasting House

Gillian Finch, who runs CIS’ters, online buy SINGULAIR without a prescription, Is SINGULAIR safe, a charity that provides support for adult survivors of childhood incest, believes the work positioned directly above the entrance to Broadcasting House is a potential source of distress for people who have experienced abuse, no prescription SINGULAIR online.

“I think victims of abuse would feel uncomfortable seeing that statue and would go out of their way to avoid it because it is a trigger and reminder of their vulnerability,” she said, SINGULAIR FOR SALE. SINGULAIR recreational,  “This statue is obscene in terms of what we know now. By removing it the BBC would give survivors of child sexual abuse a visible indication that they are sincere about their statements relating to abuse issues.”

The work created by Gill in 1933 shows Shakespeare’s Ariel as a naked young boy held against Prospero in a full frontal pose, SINGULAIR alternatives. Buy cheap SINGULAIR, Gill’s history of sexual abuse was exposed in 1989. His diary entries recorded that he had had sexual relations with two of his daughters, where to buy SINGULAIR, SINGULAIR mg, his sisters, and even his dog, SINGULAIR photos. SINGULAIR FOR SALE, There were calls to remove Gill’s works from Westminster Cathedral in 1998, but these were rejected by the Catholic Church.  Parallels have been drawn with the recent controversy surrounding Graham Ovenden – an artist who was found guilty of indecency with a child – and the Tate’s subsequent decision to remove Ovenden’s prints from its gallery. Order SINGULAIR no prescription, A BBC spokesperson told London Journalism Centre: “The statue of Ariel and Prospero on the front of Broadcasting House stands as a metaphor for broadcasting, executed by one of the last century’s major British artists whose work has been widely displayed in leading UK museums and galleries, australia, uk, us, usa. Buy SINGULAIR from mexico, There are no plans to remove or replace the sculptures at the front of Broadcasting House.”

Eric Gill is also the designer of the font used for the BBC logo. The font ‘Gill Sans’ was selected by the BBC when it redesigned its logo in 1997, generic SINGULAIR. Real brand SINGULAIR online,

. SINGULAIR dose. SINGULAIR reviews. SINGULAIR long term. Buy cheap SINGULAIR no rx.

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Call to protect those forced into crime after being held prisoner on UK cannabis farms


FLOXIN FOR SALE, Police examine a cannabis factory after a raid in Leyton, London. Some victims of human trafficking are put to work in such factories and can end up in jail. Rx free FLOXIN, Photograph: David Levene

In her cramped bedsit in a northern English town, Min talks about the man who brought her here from China. She says that her family were being harassed by the police because they were members of the banned spiritual group Falun Gong, order FLOXIN online c.o.d. So her grandmother put her into the hands of someone who said he would help her start a new life in Britain.

The journey was more than five years ago, but she still starts to cry when she talks about it, FLOXIN FOR SALE. FLOXIN schedule, "We stayed in one place for two months, then moved to another place for four months," she says, purchase FLOXIN. "He hit me, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, kept me incarcerated and told me I couldn't leave. He said if I tried to escape they would kill my grandmother."

Their final destination was a cannabis factory in England, where she was again held prisoner, purchase FLOXIN online. "I had to water the plants. FLOXIN FOR SALE, I slept on a small bed and never went outside." One day her ordeal in the house came to a sudden end. Buy cheap FLOXIN no rx, "The police knocked on the door, burst in and two of them grabbed me."

Min was charged with cannabis cultivation and sentenced to 12 months in prison. It was only after she finished the sentence that the UK Border Agency acknowledged she was "reasonably likely" to be a victim of trafficking, order FLOXIN from mexican pharmacy.

The question of how the police and courts should treat people like Min, Where can i buy cheapest FLOXIN online, who commit crimes as a result of being trafficked, is currently the focus of a fierce legal battle in the UK and Europe.

This weekend sees the deadline for countries to pass into law the latest EU directive against trafficking, FLOXIN over the counter, which states that signatory countries, Australia, uk, us, usa, including the UK, must allow prosecutors to drop cases if they think the defendant is a victim of trafficking. But lawyers and campaigners say that the UK is routinely breaching the convention, FLOXIN FOR SALE.

In a major test case to be heard at the court of appeal in May, FLOXIN dosage, lawyers are fighting to overturn the convictions of four Vietnamese children for cannabis-related offences. What is FLOXIN, They will argue that the children were trafficked and shouldn't have been criminalised. Barrister Parosha Chandran, who is representing in two of the cases, cheap FLOXIN, says the new directive places an obligation on the government to provide victims of trafficking with more protection. FLOXIN interactions, "The wording specifically advises against punishment of victims of trafficking who are compelled to commit crimes. FLOXIN FOR SALE, The non-criminalisation of trafficking victims should be recognised not only as a legal requirement but as a moral right which recognises the vulnerability of the victims and the abuse they endure."

On Friday the child trafficking protection group ECPAT UK warned that the government is not implementing all the systems required by the directive. In particular, it says there should be more protection for children charged with criminal offences linked to being trafficked, online FLOXIN without a prescription.

Over the past few years the issue of Vietnamese children being trafficked specifically for criminal purposes has been highlighted by NGOs and in specialist police reports. Where can i cheapest FLOXIN online, But experts who come into contact with defendants who appear to have been trafficked say that there is still a failure to offer protection at every stage of the criminal justice system.

Stacy Ziebler is prisons co-ordinator at the Eaves women's group and works solely with trafficking victims who are in prison or immigration detention centres. "It's a huge problem, FLOXIN FOR SALE. I see so many police interviews that are littered with direct references to being trafficked, FLOXIN class, such as 'I wasn't allowed out' or 'I was forced to work as a prostitute', Real brand FLOXIN online, " she said. "Duty solicitors with a very low awareness of trafficking are advising a guilty plea. The Crown Prosecution Service could pick it up and don't, FLOXIN street price. On one occasion a judge berated the prosecution and defence for not picking it up, FLOXIN dangers, but that is very rare, mostly we see judges who are completely unsympathetic."

It is not just in the UK that lawyers are pushing for more protection for trafficking victims. FLOXIN FOR SALE, As well as representing two of the court of appeal cases, Parosha Chandran is also taking a similar case to the European court of human rights. She is trying to overturn the conviction of N, ordering FLOXIN online, another Vietnamese teenager jailed for cannabis offences. Order FLOXIN online overnight delivery no prescription, He was a juvenile when police found him bricked inside a house being used to grow the drug. The outcome of this case will have ramifications in courtrooms across Europe.

Maria Grazia Giammarinaro is the special representative on trafficking at the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe – and is also a senior judge in Italy, where can i find FLOXIN online.

Speaking to the Observer she said that the issue of trafficking for criminal purposes is a major concern across Europe: "Many people including children are trafficked exactly for this purpose, for example pickpocketing or drug cultivation and this is a big problem because once they commit crimes they are actually treated as criminals."

She acknowledges that there is an uneasiness among legal authorities about the idea of non-punishment: "As a judge myself I am convinced that prosecutors and judges are afraid that this allows a sort of ineffectiveness of criminal law but this is a mistake, FLOXIN FOR SALE. Someone cannot be punished for something he or she has not chosen to do – this is a principle of criminal law. FLOXIN pictures, "It is essential to understand the real situation of the person who finds themselves without documents, without friends or family or a situation of heavy dependency, even for food, FLOXIN natural. A person in a situation of multiple dependency can be compelled to commit a crime without physical force."

Chandran says that one of the problems is that the legal defence of duress, FLOXIN photos, where someone commits a crime because of a threat to their life, is rarely the right response for a victim of trafficking. "The trafficker will have taken that person from poverty, kjøpe FLOXIN på nett, köpa FLOXIN online, conflict, Purchase FLOXIN online no prescription, family upheaval or other triggers that create vulnerability, including age or disability. FLOXIN FOR SALE, These factors are then manipulated to make the person fall under their control and that manipulation is long-term, psychological, deliberate. But in most cases it's not going to exhibit as a direct threat of death, FLOXIN samples. No legislation or case law recognises this as being a defence."

For Min, her dealings with the criminal justice system have been confusing and stressful from the moment she was arrested. "I didn't have any advice. The lawyer said it would be fine; I had no idea I would go to jail. I didn't understand what was happening in court, I'm not very educated." In prison she remained bewildered, still a teenager and barely able to speak English, FLOXIN FOR SALE. She hasn't had any contact with her family in China since she arrived in the UK five years ago and has no idea if her grandmother is alive.

Last year the UK Border Agency wrote to her saying that, although it accepts she was under the control of her trafficker when arrested in 2008, because she escaped from that situation she cannot now be described as a victim of trafficking. The letter tells her that as a foreign criminal she is now subject to deportation for the "public good".

Min, who is pregnant, is frightened about being sent home where her trafficker might find her. "I'm extremely worried to go back, worried that he will trouble my family. I just want a stable life for my children. I'm so scared now I'm sleeping badly, because I'm worrying about being sent back.".

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Malian-woman BUY SONATA NO PRESCRIPTION, A young forcibly displaced woman rests in a room in Bamako. She suffered mental and physical trauma after being kidnapped by armed men and raped near her home in the Timbuktu region in April, SONATA use. Fast shipping SONATA, Photo credit: UNHCR / H. Caux

Our women have been beaten, SONATA wiki, Australia, uk, us, usa, raped, whipped, SONATA treatment, Order SONATA online overnight delivery no prescription, forced into polygamous marriages, and who knows what else, SONATA cost. SONATA coupon, They have lost their dignity, but what is man’s dignity without that of women?” These are the words of Sophie*, buy generic SONATA, SONATA australia, uk, us, usa, a displaced woman living in Bamako, the country’s capital, doses SONATA work, Herbal SONATA, but originally from Timbuktu in the north of Mali.

Like hundreds of thousands of other people, Sophie fled the violence carried out by radical armed groups such as Ansar Dine, the Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa (MOJWA), and Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), which have taken control of the northern part of the country, and apply an extreme interpretation of sharia law, with women as their targets, BUY SONATA NO PRESCRIPTION. “We are the first victims of such crises; women and our children, SONATA trusted pharmacy reviews, Kjøpe SONATA på nett, köpa SONATA online, ” lamented Sophie.

The women assembled within the ECOWAS Women’s Peace and Security Network (REPSFECO/Mali), purchase SONATA online no prescription, Where can i buy cheapest SONATA online, supported by UN Women, speak out at every chance they get, discount SONATA, SONATA images, and as they meet leaders. Their message is clear, SONATA street price. SONATA gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, They ask for guarantees that women will be systematically represented in the various negotiation committees, for the assurance that there will be no amnesty for those who have committed rape and other forms of violence, cheap SONATA no rx, Buying SONATA online over the counter, for the economic re-establishment of displaced and refugee women, and for the opening of a humanitarian corridor to facilitate the provision of aid to those in occupied areas, SONATA without a prescription.

BUY SONATA NO PRESCRIPTION, Michelle Bachelet greets a woman who has been displaced by the conflict in the North of Mali on 9 January 2013. Ordering SONATA online, Photo Credit: UN Women/DFA Com

Seated in their traditional tents set up on the grounds of the Maison de la Femme et de l’Enfant in Bamako, the displaced women reiterated these fundamental demands during the visit of UN Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet to Mali earlier this month, online buying SONATA. Buy SONATA from canada, They spoke emotionally about the situation of extreme violence that reigns in the north of the country. Rapes and forced marriages take place in towns under the control of these armed groups and women are forced to cover their faces, SONATA overnight, Where can i buy SONATA online, they explained. They also highlighted the economic costs of the crisis, taking SONATA.

“It is women who generate revenue to cover most of the family’s expenses and today these women do not have the right to trade or go to the market for something that will keep the family going,” complained Dominique, from Gao, BUY SONATA NO PRESCRIPTION. SONATA recreational, Some women spoke about their journeys southwards risking their life and that of their children. The hardships continue, as they now live in precarious conditions in the capital, with very little to provide for their needs.

“Women are suffering on a daily basis as they are subjected to gender-based violence and abuses in all the occupied regions. Lasting peace that extends beyond the simple act of signing a peace agreement is unsustainable if it is not rooted in justice. BUY SONATA NO PRESCRIPTION, When violations of human rights are not investigated, when victims’ calls for justice are not heard, the risks for renewed violence remain high,” said Ms. Bachelet during her discussion with the women.

Ms. Bachelet took the message of the Malian women to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Headquarters in Abuja, the next day. The ECOWAS Member States are in the process of building an International Support Mission to Mali. Ms. Bachelet emphasised to ECOWAS the need for justice and an end to sexual violence, as well as the importance of the full participation of women in mediation and transition to ensure durable peace in Mali.




ASENDIN FOR SALE, A 90-year-old Saudi Arabian man is suing the family of his 15-year-old child-bride after she shut herself in her bedroom on their wedding night.

The terrified teen locked the door from the inside so that her new husband could not enter on their first night as a married couple, ASENDIN long term, ASENDIN cost, and two days later she fled back to her parents’ home.

Now her elderly husband wants his money back as he claims he paid the parents £10,767 ($17, ASENDIN pharmacy, ASENDIN photos, 500) for the teenager so they could wed.

The 15-year-old’s arranged marriage sparked outrage and widespread condemnation in Saudi Arabia where activists took to Twitter calling it child trafficking and prostitution.

A Mouhammad Khaled Alnuzha posted on his account: ‘Is this a case of human trafficking crimes punishable by law?’

Too young: Child marriage is common in sub-Saharan Africa and south-east AsiaToo young: Child marriage is common in sub-Saharan Africa and south-east Asia

Another Tweeted: ‘She is still considered as a product. A father sells his daughter without mercy, ASENDIN without a prescription, Effects of ASENDIN, to be bought by money and status and power; all of it for the sake of fulfilling a desire.’

A member of the Saudi National Association for Human Rights (NSHR), Suhaila Zein el-Abedin urged authorities to ‘save this child from tragedy, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, ASENDIN canada, mexico, india, ’ adding that marriage in Islam must be based on mutual consent.

She also blamed the girls parents for accepting the dowry and marrying off their daughter to a man 75 years older than her, underlining the importance of establishing a minimum age of 18 for marriage in Saudi Arabia.


Child marriage have both male and female victims, where can i buy ASENDIN online, Where can i order ASENDIN without prescription, however the number of female victims is disproportionate to male as it is tradition in countries which practice child marriage that young girls are married off to older men.

Marriage of young girls is most common in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. In Niger, ASENDIN wiki, ASENDIN dose, 77 per cent of 20- to 24-year-old women were married before the age of 18. In Bangladesh, order ASENDIN from mexican pharmacy, ASENDIN mg, this rate was 65 per cent.

UNICEF global figures from 2009 show that 36 per cent of women aged 20–24 were married or in union before they reached 18 and the latest numbers estimates 51 million of girls under 18 are married world-wide.

In the UK an estimated 1, ASENDIN no prescription, Purchase ASENDIN for sale, 000 out of 8,000 forced marriages every year involve a person under the age of 15.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ASENDIN price, coupon, Purchase ASENDIN, 1948 states that marriage 'shall be entered into only with the free and full consent of the intending parties.’

. ASENDIN class. ASENDIN street price. ASENDIN results. ASENDIN australia, uk, us, usa. Buy ASENDIN without prescription. ASENDIN pictures. Buy cheap ASENDIN. Fast shipping ASENDIN. ASENDIN forum. ASENDIN brand name. ASENDIN samples. Real brand ASENDIN online.

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Tungurahua: burning clouds descended at great speed. 25,000 affected.

NEWS SOURCE :   http://poleshift.ning.com
BY :   Mariaelisa Torres

Tungurahua volcano eruption affected about 25,000 Ecuadorians

The government declared an orange alert on 26 April, six days after the volcano reactivated, causing explosions and emitting a column of ash that at times reached 8 km altitude. Still indicate that “we do not expect to declare a state of [...]