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Cat-Astrophe by Rick Hunt & Angie Bowie

By Cherie G. Porter

The dynamic combination of writer/animal activist Angie Bowie with the remarkable Native American visual artist Rick Hunt has produced an entertaining, fun, and memorable illustrated tale full of humor and adventure that contains poignant statements on larger social issues affecting humans and [...]

New York Dolls – Glasgow Armadillo – 31/10/11

News Source :   http://itsaxxxxthing.blogspot.com
BY :   It’s a **** Thing

When the New York Dolls reformed there was without a doubt a sharp intake of breath from critics and fans alike.
Here was a band whose members were getting on a bit and the chances of them recreating a fraction of the halcyon days of debauched [...]

Punk Globe June 2011



**EXCLUSIVE** NEW DESIGNS from Charles Of London

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Poly Styrene (Maharani Dasi) talks of her Hare Krishna devotion RIP

Glen Matlock Interview – The Sex Pistols & The Faces

Glen Matlock legend gets stopped outside the red carpet launch of the Documentary made about The Libertines

Interview with Mike Ness – Social Distortion

By EdgeFest 21

Nostradamus and the End Times: Prophecies of the Apocalypse

According to the ancient prophecies of Nostradamus, the end times are now upon us. Nostradamus and the End Times introduces the viewer to the bizarre, shadowy and terrifying cosmology of the world famous medieval seer. Learn how this humble apothecary rose to become the close confidante and advisor of the French [...]

THE MANIFESTO FOR CHANGE (be the change you want to see)

The Brixton Riots: 30 years later

News Source :  http://www.dangerousminds.net

Thirty years ago today, the famous Brixton riot of spring 1981 brought the long-simmering issues of class, race and police repression to the front pages and TV screens of England.

Brixton was definitely not the first sign of racial unrest in the Thatcher era. A police raid on the Black & White Café in [...]