The Bells

It is so unreal where l live, don’t get me wrong, in fact it’s a nice peaceful part of London, that l dwell in, and it would be just picture perfect, if only one thing would suddenly disappear, and its the sound of Clang.

Why? must we have the sound of bells everyday, l just can’t get my ears around this, it’s torture, l wake up usually before the bells start, at 8-am every week day and at 9- am on the weekend, so ok, its only in the morning but no, the ones in my street go off at 11am and then at 6 pm in the evening.The only good thing is, that it curbs my drinking in excessive amounts, to the extent, that its best not to bother, and avoid the toll of bells, mixing it up with the bong of a hangover, so you could argue that church chimes are a healthy option.

Now, l am not against the church at all, or the people that attend these events, in fact, l respect people that have a faith, whatever gets you through life, can only be a thing of good. l am though wondering, why, we have this tradition of bell ringing, in this age of technolgy, with all sorts of media devices that are available, could replace the sound of bells, with you know stuff, like emails and texts and such like, to inform the congregation of forthcoming church events, such as services, but then, what would Sundays for example be like, without the familiar ringing tones, l really think it would be strange if there was no more bells. l wonder also, if the sound of bells gets performance royalties from the PRS, everytime they make a sound, if so somebody is very rich indeed hmmm.

I also sometimes, get a bit confused by the sound of bells, they remind me of the start, of distant Heavy Rock albums you know Dong, pause, Dong, pause, Dong and perhaps a bit more donging, then i’m waiting for either, Black Sabbath to start rocking out, or an AC/DC riff to be unleashed, but no, its just a bunch of Dongs then silence. If you stand in a certain spot in my neighbourhood, at a certain time,you can hear a whole chorus of bells from various churches in the immediate area, ringing in the tone of the day, and its funny and also fabulous. To be honest, its not that bad if truth be told.

One day perhaps, there will be no more, ding-donging of bells who knows, business may well decide, to continue with its war, against culture and the arts, and that all churches, will make great homes for the rich and greedy, and what l mean by that is, with the mowing down of our society, to make way for living spaces and shopping centres in London. one day, even churches, may be the next in line. At the moment, l should feel blessed with the ringing in of the new days. And now, let that be the end of the matter for now.

Chris McDougall