The Duel : ‘I’m Onto You’ E.P

Available for general release Feb 2011 THru FFRUK


im onto you the duel

This 3 song E.P. is an impressive taster from the forthcoming 3rd album from London’s female fronted Punk ‘N’ Roll No-Wavers The Duel.
In keeping with time honoured Duel transition, the ‘I’m Onto You’ E.P. is another leap forward from last years ‘Childish Behaviour’ album. Taking the best of that album together, with the best of their debut ‘Lets Finish What We Started’, this E.P expands upon their vision both musically and lyrically.
First up is the title track ‘I’m Onto You’. With its infectious keyboard sound and crunching guitars parts and sing-along chorus this is a dance floor smash in the making, and just about as perfect a single as you can get. Reminiscent of 70’s hedonistic disco mixed with 21st Century cynicism, it shows that whatever the world throws at vocalist Tara Rez she has in fact got it sussed and with it got your number. It’s not all cynicism however, as the coda suggesting ‘there is another way…’ leaves the door open to redemption.

Next is the full throttle foot to the floor blazing Punk ‘N’ Roll that is ‘Jump’. From the opening ‘Hello! ya been doing..?’ Tara’s vocals gently reigning in the rampant music with nonchalant observations of the world around her. The stomping uplifting chorus of ‘jump through to the other side…’ soon inserts itself in the brain with a plea from the band to escape the mundane existence of everyday life and throw themselves into the unknown. A quick visit to a 70’s Television style middle 8 brings a momentary respite to the proceedings, before the chorus kicks in again and ends with a fist punching defiant cry of ‘Jump! ‘Jump! Jump!..’ that will have you jumping into the unknown with them.

Neither of the 2 songs that have gone before prepares you for the 3mins 51 seconds of shimmering brilliance that is ‘Loneliness’. The stark, icy piano notes that open this song are a chilling journey into otherworldly alienation that is infused with an all too real sense of desperation and claustrophobia. Where the previous songs were a celebration of life (albeit defiantly), ‘Loneliness’ is like visiting a burned out hollow shell where happiness once dwelt but is now empty, bleak and barren. The sound of Tara’s vocals reflecting the mental torment of total isolation and utter despair of being alone…..



Available for Download & General Public Release FEB 2011!

im onto you the duel