The Duel’s New Album – WAGING WAR

The Duel: Waging War

Rebellion has many faces but few as constructive and poetically empowering as that of British Now Wave punks The Duel and their voraciously adventurous sound. Well into their second decade of standing up and being counted vocally whilst unleashing some of the most inspiring and imaginatively thrilling releases to grace punk rock since its birth, the London quintet take their and the genre’s antagonistic template to a new scintillating provocation with fifth album ”Waging War”.

They have never been slow in pushing their invention and imagination whilst challenging the conscience and thoughts of punk; simultaneously sculpting some of the most virulently invigorating and exciting encounters, but The Duel has forged their strongest dramatic and creative plateau yet with their new nineteen track emprise. “Waging Wars” looks at and roars against the issues which personally and globally test and exploit everyday life with songs which are unafraid to grip with predatory hooks and seductive melodies within sinewed incitements which are as happy leading feet into dancing as they are protest. It is an incendiary mix unveiling a new flame of maturity and experimentation to the band’s songwriting and sound whilst sculpting new irresistible anthems for modern times.

The tracks release their intent and invention between pieces of compelling poetry, the band and album embracing the lingering heart and potency of verse with rousingly orchestrated pieces of equally poetic music. Placing these dramatic unions amongst the animatingly unique songs, each accentuating the potency of the other, The Duel creates a new dramatic exploration for themselves and the genre they lovingly and constantly drive forward.

With special guests Angie Bowie, Segs Jennings of The Ruts/Ruts DC, Ginger Coyote, and Dennis Just Dennis providing their provocative tones to the perpetual evocation, “Waging War” is a new voice and antagonist for The Duel as well as for punk and emotionally charged rock ‘n’ roll.

Pete Ring Master


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