The Future

So now we have got Christmas behind us, what happens now, that we are in January, oh yeah, the new year, full of hopes and challenges a time to abstain for all the indulges we committed, in the festive season. A time to make lists perhaps, err no not for me, l'm not great at lists unless, l'm doing the food shopping then, yup for me a shopping list is a must. l always feel in January two things, l have to plan the year ahead, and l'm always troubled by why l do this, l mean is it not better to live in the present, where we don't have to judge our future or wallow in our past mistakes and disasters . But that does not not stop me having a prediction of what may lay ahead.The other thing which is less trivial, is that when l walk down the lonely streets in January, and see the pathways littered with dead xmas trees, a truly sad sight. Being in a band is sometimes hard to live in the present, especially when, you have to plan ahead, things such as upcoming shows, rehearsals and recording( actually this last process is more relevant in the present as it has great results when you have no idea of what your going to put down, as the backing track, urges you to come up with something representable). The present is a concern, when your being creative, mind you when l'm making up stuff, l do sometimes look back on whats happened, to get some inspiration on things that have happened to me in the past, like previous experiences to give me some inclination of what lm going to be writing about, its my technique doing its thang, for example l may start writing a song, about dead xmas trees in January. I do like planning and having dreams of things that may lay ahead, it gives me a sense of purpose. lts good to be aware of what lays ahead, even if nothing comes out of it ,which often does happen in the majority of events that l plan for. Of course this can be very frustrating at times ,and can make things feel a bit bleak, when they don't turn out the way you want them to. Ah well, here's to lifes trifle little matters. This year will be the same as any for me, always looking ahead and trying to get a positive outlook on the future, and trying to feel upbeat as much as l can, and l will perserve, such as being a better person to others, and trying to get better at guitar and songwriting, it's good to be able to face up with what's ahead, just remember the future is unwritten. Chris McDougall