The Jesus And Mary Chain Live

This year Christmas came early for yours truly, through the gift of friendship the best gift of all. l was very priviledged to get the chance to see The Jesus And Mary Chain not once but twice as they recently performed at the Troxy in London's Limehouse and it has to be said JAMC rocked the joint bigtime. My friend Brian who also happens to be playing the drums for JAMC sorted me out for this so if you think this review is biased well you would be right, but hold on there, for l would still have been here for this, as a paying punter and yes l would still give this gig 100 out of 10 high scores indeed. Here's what went down on the both nights l attended, it was the same support band opening they were called The Amazing Snakeheads and are worth a gander at, they played confidently and are a band to check out in their own, headlining somewhere out there in gigland. As for JAMC they came swooping on, and thought best to start the gig with the encores first, and to get em out of the way,which they did brilliantly. A great first set of classics such as the April Skies, Head On, Up Too High, and the glory that is Reverence sounds intense, the playing of William Reid its like been awash with Ron Asheton, John Coltrane and Pharoah Saunders simply mesmerizing. After the hellish sounding Upside Down, the band make an exit and we are confronted with a short film about East Kilbride showing us The Reids enviroment before they were wee nippers, I have to say it's a good idea putting on screens that show footage, during The Psychocandy part of the set, we get shown things like motorbikes speeding about as the band play, creating their own soundtrack to biker- chic. So as the band come back on and play Psychocandy we get a female guest vocalist to star on Just Like Honey. By the time we get to the Living end, I'm suddenly transported back to the 80's, and l remember the first time l heard Psychocandy at a mates house, l can recall that when we heard this LP we both immediately wanted to paint the windows black, there was something in the sound that made us wanna do something different, meanwhile l'm forwarded back to the now and the feedback is screaming and l feel like I'm losing it inside, l have to focus on the band now a 5 piece, and the rhythm section are on it, bringing me back to normal standards, Jim Reids vocals giving it a necessary melodic smoothness, otherwise l would be truly really fucked up. I'm so glad that l attended those shows, it was about time l saw great gigs again, and l went away very inspired.The Jesus and Mary Chain in 2014 are still deadly and must be seen to believe, and believe me l have just witnessed a rock n' roll happening, and I'm more than content, pure dead brilliant in fact. The JAMC will be back in Britain in Febuary 2015 playing a national tour so get on it. Chris McDougall photo