The One Aim Rally 2014

one aim rally

THE DUEL is proud to announce that the band will be part of THE ONE AIM RALLY 2014, a wonderful event raising funds for THE QUEEN’S REGIMENT BENEVOLENCE FUND.

The band has always strived to promote and support worthy causes, but sometimes things really bring home the importance of and the support that events like this deserve. For vocalist TARA REZ it was seeing an ex-serviceman who having lost a leg for the country was reduced to begging on the streets. Rather than wanting to feel helpless for him and all ex-soldiers like him with their varying needs, she and the band were stirred to add their passions and energy to this fine event.

The three day military themed event is presented by the QUEEN'S REGIMENTAL RIDERS ASSOCIATION and will be held from Friday 4th of July through to Sunday 6th. The QRRA was formed under the umbrella of the Queen's Regimental Association (a registered charity); to assist in raising funds for the Benevolence of ex-Queensmen with the One Aim Rally a potent centre point.

The promoter of the festival, STEVE PARSONS explains about the aim of the event. “It is to raise money for our regiment benevolence fund ,[for those]which have served in different wars and conflicts ,and in general any ex-Queensmen that needs help in their older years; money for wheelchairs ,wet rooms ,nursing ,guide dogs etc.”

With camping and facilities at the site at Owls Hatch Road, Herne Bay, Canterbury in Kent, the weekend will include a host of great bands; the likes of Morgellons, The Relics, Slug Pixies, and Brothers Grimm alongside The Duel as well as numerous food and varied stalls, an on-site NAAFI Bar, kid’s entertainment, and plenty more events.

Like everyone involved, The Duel is excited and revved up to help make the weekend one of the most exciting and successful propositions, the union of great music and fun with one of the country’s best causes.

By Pete Ringmaster