The Power Of Powerlessness – A Story Of Alcoholism And Recovery

The Power of Powerlessness - A Story of Alcoholism and Recovery

By Billy Steel


At last, a book from one who has walked the walk. Billy Steel provides an insight into alcoholism rarely seen. It is the story of one man's journey into chronic alcoholism and subsequent recovery. The Power of Powerlessness - A Story of Alcoholism and Recovery is the true story of a man who was taken by the ravages of alcohol from the peak of an Oxford education to close to the hopelessness of the gutter but who then fought back to make a full recovery to long held abstinence.

The Power of Powerlessness offers a lifeline for others feeling the hopelessness associated with alcoholism and drug addiction. Well written with touching honesty from the deep personal experience of an intelligent man who is utterly frank in describing the harrowing details of the worst of times but then describes how he made a full and successful recovery. Billy Steel offers example, hope and advice of how recovery is possible and provides little known insights into the vital role played by Alcoholics Anonymous in the treatment of alcoholism. In particular he openly challenges the failings of the National Health Service in dealing with the problems of addiction. It is an important real life study of alcoholism, its occurrence and treatment. Personal testimony, practical guidance, spiritual clarity, encouragement and inspiration - all are here and cannot fail to be of enormous use to recoverers and helpers alike. What others have said about The Power of Powerlessness - A Story of Alcoholism and Recovery: I think the book is highly readable and very valuable. I honestly wish I could have read it 20 years ago to short circuit the hell and loss I went through. Ed Mitchell. Author of 'From Headlines to Hard Times'. There is so little published information that is reliable and even more rubbish printed in so called self help books. A definitive account from someone with your experience is desperately needed. Ed Lindsey. Former Counsellor, CEO and Trustee of Broadway Lodge, the first Minnesota model treatment centre in Britain. Thank you for being an alcoholic! Another AA paradox perhaps or just an irony, but certainly serendipity, for you have helped me understand Michael, 'my' alcoholic, in a way that could not have happened except by being 'immersed' in the whole subject of alcoholism from an alcoholic's point of view. I thought I already understood. In actual fact, I just knew a lot, and as we know, knowledge doesn't always equate with understanding. Frances Kavanagh, Editor The Power of Powerlessness - A Story of Alcoholism and Recovery Imprint: Bright Pen Published: Aug 12th 2010 Available in paperback and in eBook format at Paperback Purchase Price: £11.99 eBook Download Price: £3.95

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