The Return of FFR UK Reggae Punk Mondays


As 2013 closes we have the exciting breaking news that FFR UK REGGAE PUNK MONDAYS are returning in early 2014 to once again ignite London’s music scene. There have already been hopeful whispers of another season of the highly successful nights going around arousing eager anticipation on the streets, and now as we can confirm and announce details, excitement is already rippling potently around the punk and reggae scenes of the capital and further afield.

The renowned FFR UK nights left an invigorating and inspirationally exploratory mark on London’s music landscape during 2013, the Reggae Punk Monday events creating a canvas for the most influential and promising established and emerging artists and sounds to sculpt and paint their persuasions on an ever voracious audience each week. Now with the keenly awaited confirmation of their return, 2014 can expect not only more of the same but an even hungrier and passionate appetite to present the most incendiary, inspiring, and thrilling adventures to stoke the fires.

the duel new pic

To be held at the eagerly welcoming and inimitable 12 Bar Club in Denmark Street every Monday starting February 10th 2014, we are also elated to say that the nights are again supported by two of Britain’s most adventurous musical pioneers in the ever ground-breaking shape of RUTS DC and one of the great pioneers of modern punk THE DUEL.

segs ruts dc

Every night will see Ruts DC’s SEGS investigating and featuring the best inventive and stimulating, not forgetting tantalising sounds to be found past and present as the night’s resident DJ whilst the home town quintet of The Duel will be bringing their renowned live presence to each night, a performance sure to have an even greater edge and explosiveness as the band get ever nearer to releasing their new album.

Compared as always by BART BARTON AS THE SPIRIT OF ANDY WARHOL and loaded each and every week with a wealth of the most exciting bands and artists around as well as a flood of special guests, London’s Mondays nights will not only never be the same again but will dive into new depths and heights to leave 2013’s offerings in their shade. With all the bands and guests each night also being filmed and interviewed, FFR UK again provides a scintillating proposition for the city and its music lovers and insatiable coverage for the bands themselves.

There are still opportunities for new bands and artists to be booked on future nights – get in touch here tara(at)

FFR UK Reggae Punk Mondays is poised to bring a new irrepressible triumph to London and UK music once again; as it declares we will be “Bleeding rock ‘n’ roll till something mad and great happens”.

By Pete RingMaster