The road to official disclosure of the UFO reality

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The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, which took place over the course of five days at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C, is a definite milestone on the road to official disclosure of the UFO reality.

A plethora of high-ranking former government and military personal, along with forty of the world’s leading researchers in the field of Ufology came to Washington to testify to the validity of the UFO/ET phenomenon in  a congressional style hearing to six former members of the United States Congress. From April 29 to May 3 more than thirty hours of testimony was given. Among the witnesses was Dr. Edgar Mitchell — the sixth man to walk on the moon, as well as Paul Hellyer who is the former Canadian Minister of Defence and the first person of Cabinet rank in the G8 group of nations to say unequivocally that UFOs are real.

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure is the first event of its kind, it was hoped that it would get the attention of the president, the United States Congress, the political media as well as the citizens of the world. And it has been more or less successful in this endeavour, it was covered extensively by the media, even if it wasn’t treated as soberly as it should have been, and it appears to have been well-received by people in general, judging by the videos on YouTube which have gone viral (one of which has over 800,000 views). But the main objective of the Hearing is to generate enough political pressure to bring about official disclosure — thus ending the governments long-standing policy of denial.

The statements made by the U.S. government fly in the face of the evidence and testimony given at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure — which could be the most comprehensive body of evidence and testimony regarding the UFO/ET subject ever assembled. The Citizen Hearing has done what the U.S. Congress has been unwilling to do for nearly half a century, it has sought out the facts concerning what may be the most important issue of this or any other time — the presence on Planet Earth of extraterrestrial beings. It seems it won’t be much longer before humanity becomes aware of our celestial visitors/neighbors.

As researcher, Richard Dolan has said:

“Disclosure is a paradox, it’s impossible but it is inevitable. It is impossible because there is no political motivation for it, it’s inevitable however because our leaders are not the only factor in this equation, there are other beings after all, but mainly there is us, the people — who are going through the greatest social, cultural and technological transformation in the history of humanity, in fact I would say that we are the game changers. Someday, and it won’t be too long in the future, something is going to force someone’s hand, it could be a major sighting, it could be a major leak, something that can no longer be denied.”…