Do you ever feel that YOU and this WORLD are incompatible? That either YOU or this WORLD, one or the other, has lost its way? Maybe both?

Do you ever feel that the WORLD is an intricate web of deceit and illusion? That man-made constructs such as politics, religion, entertainment, fashion, business, economy, nationality, borders and wars, all exist to keep YOU subdued. To keep YOU deaf and dumb and blind.

Do you ever feel a wave of irritation surging through your psyche and body; a need to get out, to be more, to understand more?

Do you ever feel that from birth, your life has been guided to fly under the radar, to become no more than a WORKER BEE producing honey to be tasted only by the ELITE?

Do you ever feel that it’s time to break everything apart, so that YOU can rebuild yourself to your full potential, free from the psychological and physical constraints the WORLD has placed on you?


MOST people dance to a song without listening. YOU hear a myriad of meanings in every lyric.

MOST people back political groups, hoping for change and development. YOU know that the only changes ‘allowed’ are those to maintain control over the masses.

MOST people follow without question the authority of religion, disregarding the hypocrisy that they are being preached. YOU see through the secret veil of hate that each of the Abrahamic religions propagate.

MOST people live in fear of an illusory after life. YOU are determined to live for today.

MOST people amble through life, sticking to the path. YOU have strayed some time ago, and until now never understood why you felt so lost.

MOST people don’t question the hypocrisies they digest, or realize those they spit out themselves. YOU find it hard to stomach the lies being lived in front of your eyes.

MOST people will watch a movie; waiting for the CGI / car crash / gore fest / amazing stunt / sex scene / whatever. YOU take in the message / understand the story’s meaning / care about the characters. This is true in life too, not just movies.

MOST people complain, despise and hold suspicion over others; the others down the road, others over the hill, others across the sea, other religions, the OTHERS. YOU take the time to assess your own mind first.

MOST people remain in constant ignorance, zombies scratching the surface at best. YOU are digging deep, and you long to find those prepared to join you on this journey.

This is the journey. Individuation.

Release from the Opium Virus.