TRIBUTE to Brian Haw The One Man Protester who’s rattled the UK government

Brian Haw : Jan 7th 1949 - June 18th 2011 RIP


A Minority Of One..... A Film By Neil Kerslake

Love, Peace And Justice For All..... 'Your life and your work will not be in vain, you have inspired so many of us including myself, I just wish I had the courage to have stood beside you on those cold lonely nights, but I all did was think about coming down to see you, and never actually got off my lazy arse .....all I did was fight from an armchair, so sorry I was not a real man....There are not enough real men left in the world, but you were one of the few .....God bless you Brian and my deepest heartfelt love goes to you and your family........ Thank you for being just you.' Neil Kerslake via YouTube - TRIBUTE to Brian Haw The One Man Protester who's rattled the UK government.