Undercover Of The Night

Ever had that lost in a forest at night dream, and you don't know where the hell you are, well the very thing happened to me the other night except it was not a dream but a reality check staring me straight in the face when l went to catch a train. Let me rewind here a bit, as to why l was in the woods at night in Bisley near Woking, Surrey, not nearby buildings, traffic things that l am familiar with, but trees nature that kind of thing. I was here to play The Undercover Punk Festival which is situated on a nearby shooting range, as l was walking there l'd realised that l was dressed as a silhouette in black shadow clothing and carrying a guitar case that from a distance could look like a gun in fact l did look like a target. l slowly began to worry, however there was no gun action and it's mostly clay pigeon shooting, and not really that scary.The gig is actually in a paviion which houses two stages and a couple of bars, outside there is the customary burger van so it's not in a field with people using you as target practice. Undercover is run by Mick Moriaty who puts on punk bands like 999, UK Subs, and Penetration to name a few, he even puts on local acts to keep things in the community so its a worthwhile event. I'm here to play with The Duel, we are playing in a part of the building its got a bar in it, which is a good thing. The surrounding decor is like a golf-club with pictures of past gun-clubs that are lined amongst the walls, with which l hope are artificial weapons or at least decommissioned guns dotted around. Apart from that this is a beautiful place with nice scenery. When l got off the train at Brookwood it's a shortish walk to the Bisley Pavilion l had some company as someone did not know the way and as l had done this trip before l was an excellent guide so l was told anyway, wish l could have said the same on my return. Basically when l finished my turn with the band l set off to the station in darkness, this is where l lost my bearings, l firstly ended up in a caravan park but luckily the whisky l had previously consumed gave me a better sense of perspective (maybe), and sure enough, soon l was in a forest with a bit of road it kinda of reminded me of a story my dear friends Martin and Nick once told me when l was once cycling home after a late night spent at their house. lt was about wild dogs that allegedly roamed the countryside of Alveston the small village l was about to cycle through the rascals! the things people do to you to wind you up, also its funny how you remember daft things in weird situations. Anyway not much walking later, and with the lack of barking growling wild dogs phew, l ended up back at the station where l met Comrade X who helped me get the right train back. l left Bisley at 8 ish and was back in the comfort of London at home with my feet up and drinking a cuppa by 10ish so that was wonderful. Chris McDougall ( Me from a distance on route to Undercover)