Vinyl Report

Oh the hassle of trying to find the sleeve that holds the 7" inch disc in your record box. You may even forget what it was you were looking for as you fumble along, skimming the sleeves to find your choice, and it must be so much easier fingering your MP3 player looking for that song you must hear. Ah well what is one person's hassle is another person's joy. Sometimes l find it hard to place a song on Youtube/Spotify etc... Sometimes l have to source it on my vinyl collection, which l have to say is a priviledge not a chore and as everything gets digitalized it's getting harder to find stuff that's in your vinyl collection and not on the net, I'm pretty sure that most of my music that is on vinyl is out there anyway so why bother? Here's why, I'm kinda addicted to that ritual and l know it's kinda dumb but l tend to use it as a reward to having a bad week, or even a good week for that matter. It's amazing how after all those years l've still been able to hold on to some of my vinyl, it's like holding on to some inclination of my past existence, it's weird like that, for me even now if l look at a record l can still remember where l was when l purchased the item, also what l was up to back in that day, it's well strange that a piece of plastic can conjour such memories. Although l have downscaled my collection, l can still remember records that have long gone from my collection but are still somehow etched on my mind, those records l use to own, have been missing due to such things as been sold, borrowed, but never returned, broken or worn out. Nowadays l sometimes wonder how long l can hold on to my collection as it's rare that l still get vinyl. l did receive an e.p from my pal Darrell a few weeks back and l enjoyed playing that gem. l have maybe a few hundred albums and singles that clutter up my flat and as i'm always moving flat to much smaller places due to high rents in London it's only a matter of time till l can't hold on to them anymore, but l guess l don't mind as l think it's called moving with the times, ah well lets see what happens. Chris McDougall Darrell Bath Madame Zodiac E.P my most recent Vinyl and Jimmy Cliff Many Rivers To Cross my first picture sleeve Vinyl which I still have