Western Siberia Temperature Flip in April

siberia valley

A dramatic flip from severe, even record-setting, cold to unusual warmth has happened over that part of western Asia centered upon the west of Siberian Russia. The best illustration of this marked shift that has unfolded since the dead of winter may be found in the plains between Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg. The city of Omsk suffered an extreme, harsh winter. The coldest month, January, was below normal by 6.8 C, or 12.9 F. The actual mean monthly temperature was a bitter -25.0 C, or -12.9 F. But the cold broke in March and, in mid-April, unusual warmth blossomed over a vast swath at the heart of Eurasia. In Omsk, this warming culminated on Tuesday in a high of 30.0 C, or 86 F--a hot day even in July. For April as a whole, the mean temperature as of Tuesday rose 5.7 C/10.2 F above normal. Smaller Tara, lying north of Omsk, suffered a January 8.2 C/14.7 F colder than normal, but the big mid-April spike brought the mean monthly temperature as of Tuesday to 4.9 C/8.9 F above normal. The April mean monthly temperature has been as much as 7.1 C, or 12.7 F, above normal, this being registered in the city of Yekaterinburg, east of the Ural Mountains. Interestingly, this week's spike in warmth over western Siberia and neighboring Siberia culminated in a high of 32.1 C, or about 90 F, on Tuesday in the town of Kyuchi, near the Kazakh border.