When Duran Duran supported Hazel O’Connor’s Megahype


A fab piece of pop memorabilia from the wonderful broadcaster and journalist, Andy Kershaw, who writes:

‘This letter was sent to me (as the Ents Secretary of Leeds University) some time in November 1980.

‘I still think they were slightly overpaid.’

The letter from M.A.M. Agency was by way booking a band called Duran Duran as support to Hazel O’Connor (remember her?).

Andy Kershaw
Leeds Univ.
S. U.

Dear Andy

Please accept this letter as confirmation that the Support group for HAZEL O’CONNOR’S MEGAHYPE at Leeds University on Wed 3rd Dec is DURAN DURAN, who will be paid a fee of £50 payable cash on night as per contract.

Please sign and return one copy of this in confirmation of the above.

Yours sincerely,

Dan Silver
M.A.M. Agency Ltd.
Agreed and accepted

on behalf of:


The full story behind this and many other excellent tales, can be found in Andy Kershaw’s brilliant and highly recommended autobiography No Off Switch get your copy here.

With thanks to Andy Kershaw!