Why so much trouble around Palestine??????

The Zionist Story

This is a documentary about the problems that occur in the area between the between the Mediterranean sea and the Jordan River. Since I can remember this area of the world has been a hot spot for political, ethical and religious problems. Because of its positioning between some of the most oil rich regions in the world it has become an area of particular importance in the last century.

This documentary assess the development of the Zionist movement a political and religious group who’s intentions are to ensure that this area of the world becomes the homeland of the Jewish community. Arguing that this area of the world is the rightful homeland of thouse people in the Jewish faith.

Is this justified?????. You make your own mind up!!!!

The migration of Jewish people to this area and the removal of Islamic individuals who had lived there previously has caused many problems over the past century particularly between the two faiths.

The debate has caused a number of full scale wars between the two religious groups but has almost always involved country’s such as the UK, France and the US.

Unfortunately all these problems remain to this day, and as a result this region of the planet continues to grab the attention of the wider world. What will become of the confrontation is yet to be seen.