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Arthdal Chronicles – The Neanthal and Their Story”

Arthdal Chronicles is a fantasy story set in the world of Arthdal, and among its various races, today I will introduce the Neanthal, a unique species in the Arthdal world. They possess distinct characteristics, such as blue blood, great strength, climbing abilities, and wild-looking eyes, setting them apart from humans.

Key Features of the Neanthal:

  1. Differences from Neanderthals and Humans: Neanthals differ from both Neanderthals and humans in terms of strength and brain capacity.
  2. Preference for Individual Life: Unlike humans, Neanthals tend to prefer solitary lives and do not form large communities or societies.
  3. Connection to the Moon: In Arthdal Chronicles, Neanthals are mentioned as a race associated with the moon. They are believed to have a connection to the moon’s plains and the Ixsada Aznamu tree.

Notable Neanthal Figures:

  1. Lagaz: A prominent Neanthal, he was a great hunter and warrior. He had a child named Tagon through a relationship with a human and eventually met his demise.
  2. Rac Nue Loof: Another revered Neanthal hunter and chieftain. Due to conflicts with humans, he fled and is currently missing.
  3. Moot Rube: A Neanthal elder who appeared alongside Rac Nue Loof and served as an interpreter. She is one of the few surviving female Neanthals, and her fate remains uncertain.
  4. Izroob: An exceptional Neanthal hunter who succeeded Rac Nue Loof. He is considered one of the strongest among the Neanthals and is currently wandering in search of his people.
  5. Roht: A surviving Neanthal philosopher who possesses extensive knowledge about Arthdal and humans. He played a role in Arthdal’s independence alongside Asa Hon.
  6. Noons Naho: A Neanthal who fled alongside Lagaz, Roht, and Asa Hon during the time of the Great War. He is one of the Neanthals capable of using language, but his exact role and vision remain unclear.

Key Events in Neanthal History:

Events Before the Neanthal Massacre:

About 40 years before the main story unfolds, a young Neanthal maiden named Moot Rube fell in love with a human hunter named Sanwoong, whom she secretly watched during his hunts. When a tiger threatened Sanwoong, Moot Rube slew the tiger, revealing her incredible Neanthal abilities. Sanwoong, feeling indebted, attempted to repay her with violence, but they ended up forming a connection. This relationship resulted in Moot Rube becoming pregnant and giving birth to Tagon, setting off a series of events leading to conflict and Neanthal persecution.

Eighteen years later, Sanwoong and Moot Rube reunite, engage in negotiations, and Sanwoong disappears, leaving Moot Rube longing for Tagon.

The Neanthal Massacre:

Several years before the birth of the main character, Eunsom, Neanthals led by Neehra Sanwoong and Asa Sakan centered around Rac Nue Loof and Moot Rube aspired to establish a nation beyond the Federation. However, facing resistance, Tagon employed a deadly bacteria that targeted only the Neanthals, leading to the Neanthal Massacre.

Asa Hon managed to rescue Roht and a few other Neanthals, and they fled together.

Events After the Neanthal Massacre:

With the majority of Neanthals affected by the deadly bacteria and the plains of the moon becoming a desolate land, Lagaz and Roht embarked on new lives. They eventually encountered Noons Naho and two other male Neanthals. However, due to the lack of female Neanthals, the Neanthal lineage was on the verge of extinction.

In this challenging context, Izroob and Roht decided to journey to Arthdal. Their encounter with Sanwoong, who asked about the well-being of his son, prompted Izroob’s departure. He later joined Tagon’s forces and participated in various events, including the killing of Daekan, before leaving once more, this time with Saya.

Noons Naho, while trying to treat Tagon, recognized his true identity and emerged victorious in a confrontation with Mukwang. He also discovered a new generation of Neanthals.

Following these events, Noons Naho chose to reject the Neanthal way of life and pursue his own path. Roht and Izroob made a pact with Eunsom, who had journeyed to Arthdal, and vowed to seek help from him.

Please note that the names and events mentioned are specific to the narrative of “Arthdal Chronicles” and may not align with historical or factual contexts.

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