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Drama Recommendation: “Mask Girl” on Netflix

Hello, everyone! Today, we’re here to introduce an intriguing drama that you can find on Netflix, “Mask Girl.” Starting as a webtoon in 2018, this series has now been fully released on Netflix with a total of 7 episodes. With captivating actors and a gripping storyline, “Mask Girl” has been attracting a lot of attention. Let’s dive into the details of this show together.

Overview of the Show

“Mask Girl” tells the story of the protagonist, Kim Momi, who had dreams of becoming a star since childhood. However, due to her lack of confidence in her appearance, she lives an ordinary life as an office worker while leading a double life as an internet broadcast (BJ) performer at night.


“Mask Girl” is a Netflix drama based on a 2018 webtoon. It follows the life of Kim Momi, a woman who dreamed of becoming a beloved star from a young age. However, due to her insecurities about her appearance, she settles for an ordinary job. At night, she transforms into a masked internet broadcast performer.

As her life takes unexpected turns, Momi becomes entangled in a complicated office romance and witnesses a coworker’s secret affair. Her life spirals further when a series of events leads her to a life-altering incident with a man. With the help of a mysterious individual named Ju Onam, she escapes the consequences, only to be pursued by him later.

After undergoing plastic surgery and attempting to flee her troubles, Momi faces legal consequences and is sentenced to prison. She becomes the target of revenge from Ju Onam’s persistent pursuit, further complicating her life. The story escalates dramatically as it dives into Momi’s journey of survival and revenge against her pursuers.

Introduction of Characters

Kim Momi’s life takes unexpected turns as she navigates through unrequited love for her married boss, a secret office romance with a coworker, and a sudden twist of events. One of the key characters, Ju Onam, appears and dramatically changes the course of events. The show is full of unexpected twists and turns that keep the audience engaged.

Blend of Emotion and Tension

“Mask Girl” offers a blend of emotion and tension, portraying Kim Momi’s growth and challenges while delivering surprising twists. Even in unpredictable situations, Kim Momi’s strong determination drives her forward, creating a captivating character development.

Actors and Performances

The role of the protagonist, Kim Momi, is portrayed by actress Lee Hanbyeol. She skillfully portrays characters from three different generations, garnering significant attention. Lee Hanbyeol’s performance, which aptly captures Kim Momi’s growth and emotional changes in various scenes, enhances the overall quality of the show.

Dynamic Plot and Immersion

With an engaging plot and immersive storytelling, “Mask Girl” captures viewers’ attention. Each episode introduces new events and turning points, making it feel like watching a movie with thrilling twists.

Closing Thoughts

“Mask Girl” is a story filled with complex human relationships and unexpected plot twists. It’s a strong recommendation for those who want to escape their everyday routine and experience both thrills and emotions. However, please note that there are sensitive themes, so viewers who are minors or sensitive to certain content should take caution. You can catch the drama “Mask Girl” on Netflix. Join Kim Momi’s journey of growth and adventure in the series!

Enjoy your viewing experience!

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