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Startling Rumor

Episode 1-2 Summary:

On a rainy day in the past, in a car, So Mun’s father receives a call from Mo Tak. So Mun survives a car accident with a leg injury. Mo Tak falls from a height. In the present, So Mun lives with his grandmother who has dementia. He runs a noodle restaurant with Ha Na and Mae Ok. So Mun, Ha Na, and Mo Tak encounter a level 3 evil spirit and start chasing it. Meanwhile, So Mun’s friend Woong Min faces school violence.

Episode 3-4 Summary:

So Mun chases the kidnapper who killed a couple in the past. Mo Tak possesses So Mun’s father’s business card and confronts gang members. Suspicion arises about the connection between an accident and an incident where Mo Tak was lynched. So Mun and Ha Na rescue their friends from danger caused by the gang members. Mo Tak uncovers a link between the incidents and begins his investigation.

Episode 5-6 Summary:

So Mun, Mo Tak, and Ha Na continue to solve cases, including fighting an evil spirit in a department store. So Mun and Ha Na team up to fight an evil spirit together. Meanwhile, the mystery behind the death of Sang Pil and the existence of an unknown person named Jung Young unfolds.

Episode 7-8 Summary:

So Mun and Mo Tak continue to investigate and confront evil spirits. The connection between incidents becomes more complicated. Mo Tak and Ha Na are joined by Detective Jung Young to unravel the truth behind a past accident and lynching incident. A showdown with the evil spirits reveals new information about the incident.

Episode 9-10 Summary:

The battle with the evil spirits intensifies, and the search for information about the barrier becomes crucial. Revenge motives and the appearance of an evil spirit add tension. Mo Tak and So Mun uncover the connection between the incidents and the barrier, leading to their resolution.

Episode 11-12 Summary:

Confrontations between characters, including battles with evil spirits, escalate. The backstory of the barrier and its relation to So Mun’s power are revealed. Mysteries about Mo Tak’s involvement and confrontations between characters contribute to the suspense.

Episode 13-14 Summary:

The fight against evil spirits continues, with new revelations and alliances formed. Mo Tak, So Mun, Ha Na, and Mae Ok cooperate to solve the case. Tensions rise as they try to protect their loved ones. The connection between the barrier and the evil spirits is uncovered.

Episode 15-16 Summary:

The final battle with the evil spirits unfolds, with confrontations and resolutions for various characters. The story concludes with the final showdown and outcomes for different characters. The drama ends by tying up loose ends and providing closure for the characters.

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