Delivery drivers in NETFLIX

In the year 2071, the Korean Peninsula has become a dystopian world due to a comet collision that occurred 40 years ago. Only 1% of the population survived in this barren land. The “Thousand Names Group” holds control over essential resources and oxygen, dominating society. People are divided into special zones, core zones, and refugee … Read more

Arthdal Chronicles – Neanthal

Arthdal Chronicles – The Neanthal and Their Story” Arthdal Chronicles is a fantasy story set in the world of Arthdal, and among its various races, today I will introduce the Neanthal, a unique species in the Arthdal world. They possess distinct characteristics, such as blue blood, great strength, climbing abilities, and wild-looking eyes, setting them … Read more

Moving in Netflix

Moving kdrama, The drama “Moving” is a story filled with tension and excitement, revolving around characters with superhuman abilities, their hidden secrets, and the enigmatic antagonist, Frank. Here is a brief description of some stimulating scenes and story elements from the drama “Moving”: Moving in Netflix Astonishing Power of Superhuman Abilities: In the drama, characters … Read more

Mask Girl on Netflix

Drama Recommendation: “Mask Girl” on Netflix Hello, everyone! Today, we’re here to introduce an intriguing drama that you can find on Netflix, “Mask Girl.” Starting as a webtoon in 2018, this series has now been fully released on Netflix with a total of 7 episodes. With captivating actors and a gripping storyline, “Mask Girl” has … Read more

D.P season2 NETFLIX

D.P season2 It is a drama that points out the problems of the Korean military. It’s a very masterpiece made with dramatic elements. Koreans love this drama very much. “Netflix’s DP Season 2” continues the story after the tragic event of Seok-bong’s suicide, leading to the disbandment of Jung Hae-in’s unit. Officers and soldiers face … Read more

D.P season1 NETFLIX

For those of you who don’t understand even after watching Netflix, here’s a summary of the plot. “Netflix’s DP Season 1” is a South Korean drama that follows the story of the protagonist, Ahn Joon-ho, who joins the DP (Deserter Pursuit) team as a member tasked with apprehending deserters after enlisting in the military. Let’s … Read more

Celebrity Netflix

Celebrity “Celebrity” is a term that refers to individuals who are famous not only as entertainers or athletes but also as people who attract attention from the public and wield influence. In the modern era, with the development of one-person media and various mass media outlets, the field of celebrity professions is diverse, and there … Read more


ZOMBIE BUS 1st In the midst of the streets, infected individuals were seeking out people to feed on, while survivors – including a sound supervisor, a driver, and others – were driving parked cars together, trying to escape Seoul’s Mapo District. They were listening to a breaking news report on the radio. As they were … Read more

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