Korea luxury fashion brands 2023

French fashion industry is increasingly focusing on the Korean market as Korea has become the “Asian fashion leader” and a key gateway to the Asian market, especially attracting the massive Chinese customer base.

I will tell you about korea luxury fashion brands

Korea luxury fashion brandss

Gentle Monster

Known for its eyewear and sunglasses, this brand has gained popularity in the U.S. for its unique and contemporary designs. Many celebrities and influencers worldwide are often seen wearing their products.



WOOYOUNGMI is a renowned fashion brand based in Paris, France. It was founded by the Korean designer Wooyoungmi in 2002. Wooyoungmi is one of the leading male fashion designers in Korea and has gained international recognition for her luxurious menswear brand.

WOOYOUNGMI is known for its modern and sophisticated designs, with a strong emphasis on using diverse materials and paying attention to quality. Her garments feature intricate tailoring and contemporary patterns, incorporating unique design elements and colors to showcase a distinct style.

The brand has garnered a large following among fashion enthusiasts and celebrities worldwide and is frequently showcased at major fashion events like Paris Fashion Week. WOOYOUNGMI’s popularity extends beyond menswear, as she has successfully expanded her brand to include a women’s wear line.

Wooyoungmi’s designs strike a balance between traditional elements of menswear and a contemporary sensibility, earning high praise within the fashion industry. As a brand based in Paris, it continues to exert a growing influence in the global market.


MINJUKIM is a fashion brand founded by the South Korean female fashion designer, Minju Kim. Born in 1988, Minju Kim is internationally recognized for her unique and trendy designs.

In 2013, Minju Kim gained significant attention by winning the first season of “Project Runway UK,” a British fashion reality show. Following her victory, she established the MINJUKIM brand and has since showcased successful collections on the global fashion stage.

MINJUKIM’s designs are characterized by vibrant and original patterns, colors, and rich textures. Kim’s distinct artistic sensibility is reflected in her use of various materials and playful embellishments, presenting a style that stands out.

The brand has received numerous praises and adoration from various fashion media and prominent influencers. It frequently presents its collections at international fashion events such as London Fashion Week.

MINJUKIM embodies Minju Kim’s creative design and unique worldview, transcending the Korean fashion industry to achieve great success on the international stage as one of the prominent brands.


Juun.J is a fashion brand founded by South Korean male fashion designer, Jung Wook Jun (Juun.J), in 2007. Born in 1972, Jung Wook Jun is well-known for his contemporary and minimalist designs.

Juun.J is acclaimed for harmoniously blending traditional elements of menswear with a modern sensibility. His designs are renowned for their oversized silhouettes and well-balanced asymmetrical details, offering unique yet trendy looks.

The brand has garnered high praise in the international fashion scene and frequently showcases its collections at world-renowned fashion events such as Paris Fashion Week. Jung Wook Jun’s designs have gained popularity among famous influencers and global celebrities, expanding his fan base worldwide.

Juun.J stands as a successful international fashion brand, leading the industry with innovative designs and impactful collections. Jung Wook Jun’s minimalist yet powerful style resonates with numerous fashion enthusiasts, making it a well-loved brand in the global fashion landscape.

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