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D.P season2

It is a drama that points out the problems of the Korean military. It’s a very masterpiece made with dramatic elements. Koreans love this drama very much.

“Netflix’s DP Season 2” continues the story after the tragic event of Seok-bong’s suicide, leading to the disbandment of Jung Hae-in’s unit. Officers and soldiers face disciplinary action and reassignments. Amidst this, another incident occurs involving a soldier named Kim Ru-ri who fires live ammunition in a different platoon, prompting the DP team to be reactivated. Motivated by witnessing Seok-bong’s death, Jung Hae-in and Goo Kyo-hwan pursue Seok-bong’s accomplice who escapes with live ammunition and grenades.

The military authorities are concerned about the situation escalating and plan to label Kim Ru-ri as a cruel armed deserter to justify immediate execution. However, Son Seok-gu (Im Ji-seob), Kim Sung-kyun (Park Beom-gu), along with Jung Hae-in and Goo Kyo-hwan, intervene to prevent Kim Ru-ri’s death or killing. The situation is eventually resolved without further casualties, and it is revealed that Seok-bong is alive.

Meanwhile, Jang Sung-min, a gay soldier, faces bullying and harassment in the military and decides to desert. Known among the DP members as a long-term deserter, Jang Sung-min struggles with his past experiences. Despite being perceived as a dangerous individual, he harbors a dream of portraying the female lead Nina from Anton Chekhov’s play “The Seagull” due to his feminine identity.

Jung Hae-in and Goo Kyo-hwan eventually witness Jang Sung-min’s suicide on the Incheon Bridge. This event challenges Jung Hae-in’s values and personality as he confronts the distressing realities of the cases he deals with.

Other characters include the promotion of Jung Hae-in and Goo Kyo-hwan, making Goo Kyo-hwan a Sergeant and Jung Hae-in a Private. They face jealousy from their colleagues due to their promotion and the frequent interactions with society as part of their DP activities. However, they begin to understand the mental toll that the deserters’ stories take on them, leading to their own mental breakdowns.

There are also new characters introduced, including Colonel Seo Eun (Kim Ji-hyun), an elite officer with conflicts between her career and her humane beliefs, and Major General Gu Ja-woon (Jin Hee), a seemingly strategic and ruthless character who treats soldiers as expendable resources.

As the story progresses, it’s hinted that Jung Hae-in and Goo Kyo-hwan might become entangled in future events related to Major General Gu Ja-woon, suggesting that this might not be the final event of DP Season 2.

Overall, “Netflix’s DP Season 2” delves deeper into the emotional and psychological struggles faced by the DP team members as they confront the stories of the deserters. The intense and impactful nature of the series resonates with viewers, even creating a sense of trauma that wasn’t present before. The characters’ complexities and the harsh realities they encounter make the series a compelling and thought-provoking watch.

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