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The YouTuber has around 839,000 subscribers and is known for specializing in military-related content. Despite gaining fame for this niche, there have been many controversies surrounding them. However, with engaging topics and handsome looks, they continue to maintain a steady popularity.

agent h korea


Name: Hwang Ji-hoon

Nickname : agent h korea

2006.11~2011.3: Sergeant in the Republic of Korea Navy Special Warfare Flotilla.


Fake Men

The Challenge of Fakes to Become Real: Famous Creators and Celebrities Take on MUSAT Special Forces Training

Physical 100

In Search of the Most Powerful ‘Physique’: An Ultimate Survival Game Variety Show Where 100 Self-Proclaimed Strongest Individuals Compete for the Title of Ultimate Physicality

School Violence Controversy

Agent H Took Private Measures Against the Bullies to Protect His Cousin, Who Had Been Subjected to Group Bullying and School Violence for Years. While There Was a Fact of School Violence During This Process[27], All Other Rumors Circulating Are False. Additionally, the ‘Whistleblower Claiming to Be the Victim’ Was Revealed to Be a Perpetrator of School Violence. Of course, in response to this controversy, Agent H requested in the fixed comments of his explanation video not to glorify his past violence, as it cannot be justified. Many people, however, still admire him on an ethical basis, seeing some possibility of redemption, though it is not legally justified.

Lack of Professionalism Controversy

As a military YouTuber, he emphasizes being a UDT (Underwater Demolition Team) and sniper veteran, but there have been doubts about his expertise, given that he served for only 4 years and 6 months and has been a civilian since his discharge in 2011. Many people already questioned his professionalism due to these short service years and his background as a corporal. Moreover, he himself has made mistakes that appear to lack professionalism, which sparked debates among his die-hard fans. This controversy started to become known to the general public through the disclosed revelations, and the situation escalated when it was revealed that he had never received formal sniper training.

In January of last year, Netflix released “Physical: 100,” Season 1, featuring a lineup of individuals with extraordinary physical abilities, including martial artist Chu Sung-hoon, sports national representatives Yun Sung-bin and Yang Hak-seon, bodybuilder Kim Kang-min, former firefighter Hong Beom-seok, and former UDT agent H. Each of them showcased their extreme physical prowess, testing their strength, endurance, agility, balance, and unwavering mental strength through grueling quests, creating a fierce competition with unpredictable outcomes.


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