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For those of you who don’t understand even after watching Netflix, here’s a summary of the plot.

“Netflix’s DP Season 1” is a South Korean drama that follows the story of the protagonist, Ahn Joon-ho, who joins the DP (Deserter Pursuit) team as a member tasked with apprehending deserters after enlisting in the military. Let’s summarize the main characters, plot, and ending of the series.


Main Characters:

  • Ahn Joon-ho (Actor: Jung Hae-in) – The protagonist who joins the DP team after enlisting in the military. He has a calm demeanor and stands up against injustice, possessing boxing skills for self-defense.
  • Han Ho-yeol (Actor: Koo Kyo-hwan) – The leader of the DP team, responsible for tracking down military deserters. He is cheerful but dedicated to his missions.
  • Park Beom-gu (Actor: Kim Sung-kyun) – The investigator in charge of tracking down military deserters. He has a tsundere personality and takes care of the DP team members.
  • Son Seok-gu (Actor: Im Ji-seob) – The assistant to the commanding officer of the military base. He has ambitions for promotion and shows a self-centered attitude.

Ahn Joon-ho enters the military and finds the atmosphere within his unit to be intimidating. Certain individuals, especially those in higher ranks, create a fearful environment by subjecting new recruits to unjustified harassment and cruel methods. Due to the hierarchical structure of the military, resisting such mistreatment is challenging.

By chance, Ahn Joon-ho visits the office of Park Beom-gu, an investigator responsible for deserter cases. After providing insights, Joon-ho unintentionally angers Park Beom-gu. However, Beom-gu follows Joon-ho’s advice and successfully captures a deserter, leading to Joon-ho’s recruitment into the DP team. This marks the beginning of their mission to apprehend deserters, which starts with some initial awkwardness but eventually becomes a dedicated effort with the help of Han Ho-yeol.

Throughout the story, Ahn Joon-ho and Han Ho-yeol collaborate to solve various cases and grow as individuals. Meanwhile, a subordinate named Jo Seok-bong faces harassment from higher-ranking individuals within the military. The situation escalates after one of the harassers, Hwang Jang-soo, is discharged. Despite his departure, the harassment continues until Jo Seok-bong confronts Hwang Jang-soo and eventually kidnaps him.

As the story unfolds, tensions rise between the military, the police, the DP team, and others involved in the events. Jo Seok-bong’s kidnapping of Hwang Jang-soo adds complexity to the situation.

In the climax, as the military and the police attempt to resolve the escalating situation, Jo Seok-bong resorts to desperate measures, ultimately leading to tragic consequences. He takes Hwang Jang-soo’s life and then his own, sparking a series of events that intertwine the fates of various characters.

The series ends with these events, revealing the aftermath of Jo Seok-bong’s actions and the impact on the characters’ lives. The conflicts and tensions between the DP team, the commanding officers, and the police are resolved, concluding Netflix’s DP Season 1.

Please note that this is a concise summary and may not capture every detail of the series.

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