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little women korea

The Korean drama “Little Women” is based on the American novel “Little Women” and aired in 2020. Unlike the American novel, the drama is set in Korea and features Korean characters, presenting a unique story.

Episode 1

Three sisters, Inju, Inkyung, and Inhye, are close but often worry about money. Inju and Inkyung want to give a special birthday gift to Inhye. To get the money, Inkyung borrows from her aunt, and Inju borrows from her only friend at work, Hwayoung. Unexpectedly, a major incident occurs that changes Inju’s life.

Episode 2

Inju learns about Hwayoung’s suicide and the 2 billion won she left behind. She can’t believe that Hwayoung embezzled money and committed suicide. Inju and financial consultant, Choidoil, investigate Hwayoung’s death and the missing money. Meanwhile, Inkyung starts investigating Park Jaesang, a candidate for Seoul mayor, and receives critical evidence.

little women korea synopsis

Episode 3

After the sudden death of Shin Hyunmin, all evidence related to Hwayoung’s death disappears. Inju and Inkyung realize that a powerful force may be behind all these incidents. Meanwhile, Inkyung gets in touch with a past informant related to Park Jaesang and the Orchid Construction bribery case.

Episode 4

Inju and Inkyung disagree over what to do with the 2 billion won left by Hwayoung, which is linked to Orchid Construction’s slush funds. Inkyung threatens to cut ties with her sister if Inju doesn’t report it to the police. In the meantime, a major accident occurs involving Inhye.

Episode 5

Although they lost the 2 billion won, Inju discovers that she has 70 billion won deposited under her name in a Singapore bank. To find the money, she approaches Sanga, and gains his trust. Inkyung continues her investigation and uncovers an unexpected secret related to the blue orchids.

Episode 6

Inju discovers that Park Jaesang visited Hwayoung’s house on the night of her suicide. She becomes convinced that Jaesang is deeply connected to the incident. She faces a difficult choice between the 70 billion won and revealing the truth about Hwayoung’s death. Meanwhile, Inhye experiences a big accident.

Episode 7

After the death of Hyesuk, the sisters are immersed in grief. While sorting through heirlooms, Inju and Inkyung realize that all these incidents started a long time ago. Inju declares that revealing the truth is more important than the 70 billion won and starts to work with Choidoil to find Hwayoung’s SNS records.

Episode 8

Inju tries to find Hwayoung’s whereabouts through her SNS records but experiences strange events and struggles to trust Choidoil. Meanwhile, Inkyung receives a very important piece of evidence related to Park Jaesang from an anonymous informant.

Episode 9

Inju meets the still-alive Jinhwayoung at the trial, and Jinhwayoung is sentenced to probation due to her testimony. In the meantime, she gets kidnapped by Won Sangah. Inju and Choidoil attempt to rescue her at a secret indoor park with blue orchids.

Episode 10

As Sangwoo tries to kill Jaesang to end all the tragedies, Inju tries to rescue Inhye from the kidnapped situation at Sangah’s place. Inkyung’s investigation takes an unexpected turn.

Episode 11

With Jaesang’s death, the whole world blames the sisters. As Sangah becomes Seoul’s most likely mayoral candidate, she starts a fierce revenge against the sisters. The sisters face a crisis.

Episode 12

Inju finds out that Sangah has been at the center of all these incidents. As the truth about Hwayoung’s death is revealed, Inju faces a crisis. Inkyung offers to make a deal with Jaesang to save Inju.

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