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100 Club Presents: Resolution Festival, Jan 2015

Published Monday 15th December, 2014

Kick off 2015 with a 5 date celebration of classic punk in its spiritual home as 100 Club presents Resolution Festival. From Tuesday 6th January to Saturday 10th January, Resolution Festival will be hosting some of the biggest and best names in punk music. With Anti-Nowhere League kicking things off, there are also performances from 999, Ruts DC, Ed Tudor Pole, Chris Spedding and the newly announced secret special guests: UK Subs! Tickets can be bought for individual days (priced from £10) or a full festival pass for only £45. Read on below for our picks of this amazing lineup.


FFR UK Xmas Reggae Punk Party

Published Thursday 11th December, 2014


To kick off the Yuletide festivities as we lead up to the fat bloke in red accosting roofs and chimneys, FFR UK invite you to their Xmas Reggae Punk Party. Held on December 18th at the Intrepid Fox, it going to be a night to leave the Capital’s chestnuts roasting and its tinsel wilting from the musical blaze and energy unleashed alone. With inimitable live performances and sounds to ignite the passions, it will be a night to ignite the Christmas in us all.

segs ruts dc

Embraced by the perpetually essential and innovative DJ set of SEGS from the legendary RUTS DC, the night is headlined by London’s Now Wave punk pioneers THE DUEL. Riding a highly successful year which included the unofficial  release of their acclaimed “Waging War” album, the band continue to bring their unique and incendiary sounds to the best party in town.

the duel new use this

Also adding their rich and uncompromising flavours to the night will also be fellow Londoners UNDERCLASS UK; a band with an 80’s rooted sound but the snarl of the now who always ensure a furiously thrilling and memorable time.

underclass uk

Equally the alternative fried adventure of THE SMOKES will have bodies rolling and lungs roaring whilst the deliciously provocative sounds of SARAH PINK will add attitude fuelled colour to the celebrations.

the smokes sarah pink

With Dennis Just Dennis, Tracy PunkMoon, and some very special guests adding to the festive romp, FFR UK will be serving up a Xmas platter no one will want to miss.

Click here for more event detail

By Peter Ringmaster

Freedom Faction support Ruts DC at The Waterfront, Norwich 12/12/2014

Published Tuesday 09th December, 2014 Freedom Faction Freedom Faction, FFRUK's first signing, are supporting the mighty Ruts DC at The Waterfront in Norwich on Friday 12th Dec 2014. Freedom Faction are an old-school punk band with a modern edge, many varied influences combine into a frenzy of quality noise that's not to be missed. There isn't much to say about the Ruts - simply one of the best outfits to emerge from the early punk scene and still a force to be reckoned with today. Venue: The Waterfront, 139-141 King Street, NR1 1QH Norwich, Norfolk Event info: Tickets:

Ruts DC Live On Tour

Published Thursday 30th October, 2014 download (1)

Ruts DC just go from strength to strength. Having just completed their Album LIVE ON STAGE and after their triumphant Euro tour .They returned to play London’s Garage on Saturday night to rave reviews and a warm reception by fans and new converts alike.


Ruts DC now start a select UK tour starting in Leeds on Thursday 6th November at The Wardrobe.

The show consists of songs representing their many phases - The more recent Rhythm Collision 2 -The critically acclaimed Animal Now and, of course, a classic version of Babylon’s Burning, Staring at the Rude Boys, Jah War and others.

The 2 remaining original Ruts members - Segs Jennings and Dave Ruffy - provide an exciting powerhouse rhythm section for new addition Leigh Heggarty to excel on guitar .Segs handles the lead vocal / front man duties with panache and respect while Ruffy sings backing vocals as well as holding down the perfect beat.

Sounding fresh and with the songs still proving to carry an important message in these current times the Ruts DC show is a must see.


Every human being on the planet deserves and should watch this if they love to live !!

Published Wednesday 26th November, 2014

The Science of Happiness – An Experiment in Gratitude

Published Saturday 13th September, 2014

What makes you happy? Have you ever wondered why?


The Jesus And Mary Chain Live

Published Friday 12th December, 2014 This year Christmas came early for yours truly, through the gift of friendship the best gift of all. l was very priviledged to get the chance to see The Jesus And Mary Chain not once but twice as they recently performed at the Troxy in London's Limehouse and it has to be said JAMC rocked the joint bigtime. My friend Brian who also happens to be playing the drums for JAMC sorted me out for this so if you think this review is biased well you would be right, but hold on there, for l would still have been here for this, as a paying punter and yes l would still give this gig 100 out of 10 high scores indeed. Here's what went down on the both nights l attended, it was the same support band opening they were called The Amazing Snakeheads and are worth a gander at, they played confidently and are a band to check out in their own, headlining somewhere out there in gigland. As for JAMC they came swooping on, and thought best to start the gig with the encores first, and to get em out of the way,which they did brilliantly. A great first set of classics such as the April Skies, Head On, Up Too High, and the glory that is Reverence sounds intense, the playing of William Reid its like been awash with Ron Asheton, John Coltrane and Pharoah Saunders simply mesmerizing. After the hellish sounding Upside Down, the band make an exit and we are confronted with a short film about East Kilbride showing us The Reids enviroment before they were wee nippers, I have to say it's a good idea putting on screens that show footage, during The Psychocandy part of the set, we get shown things like motorbikes speeding about as the band play, creating their own soundtrack to biker- chic. So as the band come back on and play Psychocandy we get a female guest vocalist to star on Just Like Honey. By the time we get to the Living end, I'm suddenly transported back to the 80's, and l remember the first time l heard Psychocandy at a mates house, l can recall that when we heard this LP we both immediately wanted to paint the windows black, there was something in the sound that made us wanna do something different, meanwhile l'm forwarded back to the now and the feedback is screaming and l feel like I'm losing it inside, l have to focus on the band now a 5 piece, and the rhythm section are on it, bringing me back to normal standards, Jim Reids vocals giving it a necessary melodic smoothness, otherwise l would be truly really fucked up. I'm so glad that l attended those shows, it was about time l saw great gigs again, and l went away very inspired.The Jesus and Mary Chain in 2014 are still deadly and must be seen to believe, and believe me l have just witnessed a rock n' roll happening, and I'm more than content, pure dead brilliant in fact. The JAMC will be back in Britain in Febuary 2015 playing a national tour so get on it. Chris McDougall photo

TED Banned This Billionaire For Exposing Capitalism’s Biggest Lie

Published Tuesday 09th December, 2014 Source - Trueactivist By Sophie McAdam

But Nick Hanauer isn't giving up his fight for an economic revolution

Nick Hanauer is a Seattle venture capitalist worth $1bn, and he’s been pissing off other one per-centers for some time, even writing articles like this one to warn his “fellow plutocrats” that if the minimum wage doesn’t rise to $15 soon, there will be a revolution in the States.

The super-rich banker also appeared on TED earlier this year to tell the world that rich people don’t create jobs, consumers do. Somebody wasn’t happy with Hanauer’s ideas, and TED banned the speech, stating his common-sense and socially conscious logic was “too politically controversial” for the site.” Hanauer’s only crime was to explain how the market works, pointing out that companies don’t actually like to employ people. Only consumer demand can force them to need more staff, and clearly consumer demand is dependent on whether they have money in their pockets to spend. Hanaeur advocates the Middle-Out school of economics, rather than the dis-proven Top-Down myth we are used to. His argument is refreshingly simple.

Despite TED banning his speech, Hanauer isn’t deterred. Just this month he wrote another article, calling for Americans to contact the White House in support of his plan to save the middle classes: “The twisted irony is, when you work more hours for less pay, you hurt not only yourself, you hurt the real economy by depressing wages, increasing unemployment and reducing demand and innovation,” writes Hanaeur, although his motives are not entirely selfish: “Ironically, when you earn less, and unemployment is high, it even hurts capitalists like me.”

He then calls on readers to join the battle against America’s new poverty problem with super-rich humor: “Contact the White House. Do it for yourself. Or, at the very least, have the courtesy to do it for me. Because honestly, I’m beginning to run out of customers. In the meanwhile, I’ve got to go buy back more shares ahead of the next earnings report.”

Chris Stein Photography

Published Friday 05th December, 2014 Are you into the beginning of Punk Rock in the USA? and if you're into Blondie and happen to be in London town, from now until late january, then l suggest you make your presence felt and get yourself down to the Chris Stein/Negative Me, Blondie and the Advent of Punk exhibition at Somerset House on the Strand, and check out his stunning photography. Beautiful shots from back in the day, from a man who not only played guitar in Blondie, a band very much involved in the New York punk setting, but he archived much of the early days of this emerging scene, through his camera, he is indeed a vital cog it has to be said, not only do we get punks early start but the bleakness of New Yorks downtown in all its slum splendor. I never knew about his other artistic side, l always thought he was just using music to achieve his position in life, but here l am bowled over with this other side, and what a dedicated chap he was/is to this cause. He has some brilliant portraits, not only of Debbie Harry, but we get early shots of Blondie, we get the CBGBs club in magnificence, we get The Stillitoes his first band with Debbie, we have other early bands who played at CBGBs, such as The Heartbreakers featuring Richard Hell, Johnny Thunders, Jerry Nolan and Walter Lure, there's a great one of The Ramones in all their early glory. Chris Steins commitment has to be applauded for example, my personal favourite is the picture he takes of Debbie Harry, in the kitchen with a frying pan that has been set alight, and below outside the oven a pan is flaming, it's not very health and safety at all, instead of maybe trying to stop the fire or even panic, and rescue Debbie, he picks up a camera and documents the event, now that's devotion although l'm sure most people would act differently in that kind of chaotic environment. Do yourselves a favour, get down to this event and check out Iggy, Bowie some of the Warhol crowd and The Screamers, Suicide and Stiv Bators and more, and read his lovely comments you would be nuts to miss this. Chris Stein/ Negative Me, Blondie And The Advent Of Punk on until 25th January 2015 Free Admission East Wing Galleries East Wing, Somerset House Strand,London WC2R 1LA Chris McDougall

Morrissey Autobiography

Published Friday 28th November, 2014 Morrissey is someone l have always struggled with, but in recent times l have softened and l have come round to the world of all things Morrissey related, and you know what? lm glad l did it. So here l am tackling his autobiography, and his book is indeed worthy of high praise, why? well because of the style of his writing, it is superb. Like l said, l was a very latecomer to his music, even though, l have been aware of his songs, they would appear in my head at times, humming along to one of his many hits, they really are catchy tunes. l often wonder why l was so dismissive of his songwriting, l remember liking the music of The Smiths but did not like his singing style, maybe it's the curse of being a musician, one of the downsides is that you get this kind of snobbery towards fellow artists, and you put up these invisible walls, that are so unnecessary, sometimes you get stuff instantly, and at other times it takes a while to break down them barricades. As l'm emerged in his memoirs, to pore over, and it feels like l am in a tornado thrashing my way through, this book, that l do not want to put down, it is like an addiction, maybe because there are no chapters, no stopping till the end. It is just glorious from Stevens birth, school which was, hideous for the Moz with, its out of the Victorian age, of education, and this was in the early seventies, my how times have changed, thank crikey. Onwards we go to his love of Rock n Roll and all things Glam and the beauty of the sixties girl groups and solo artists such as Buffy Saint Marie. I'm thrilled to find out he is such a music fan, l was once told by a former manager, that l was too much of a music fan which did unbalance me for a while, till l came to my senses and realised, l can't not love music. Morrissey tells me of his love of The New York Dolls and the gift that is Johnny Marr, then having to deal with the horrible court case, where former Smiths drummer Mike Joyce takes him to the cleaners, and the suffering ensures, and the repercussions are ugly. Even if your not a fan of Morrissey, you should try and read this book, it is his truth and need's to be addressed it sometimes feels like, there is a Morrissey conspiracy going on, and if there is ,he lets you know his side, he is such a controversial character and with the recent cancer story surrounding his well being, it would be, a sad world without this man and his opinions. Meantime he continues to tour. Morrissey plays the O2 this saturday 29th Nov His latest album is called World Peace Is None Of Your Business Chris McDougall

Desolenator: Transforming sunshine into water

Published Wednesday 17th December, 2014

Source: Indiegogo

Help us develop the most affordable and environmentally friendly water purification technology ever!


Key features include:

  • high performance solar panels
  • embedded boiler and pump
  • remote monitoring system
  • food grade materials
  • robust casing and alloys
  • unit is ready for use anywhere (coastal, high TDS / contaminent / arsenic/ saline groundwater etc. scenarios)


Desolenator will provide families with the ability to turn salt water and contaminated water into pure drinking water. The technology has the potential to provide water independence for up to a billion people living in coastal and water stressed areas - using the power of the sun alone. Join our journey to disrupt the global water crisis!

Purchase a perk, reserve your Desolenator or sponsor a product so you can provide water independence for a family for 20 years!


Click here for more.

This Dad Gives His Sick Son Marijuana Extract. The Results… Mind-blowing!

Published Wednesday 03rd December, 2014

Source - true activist

By True Activist

Jayden's dad was desperate to help him overcome his epileptic seizures.

This video is from a new documentary The Culture High which looks at both sides of the marijuana prohibition argument.

After taking more than 22 pills a day, Jason decided that enough is enough and gave his son Marijuana extract. The results will surprise you.

The University of Texas also recently published their research into the long-term effects of marijuana.

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