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Ruts DC Live On Tour

Published Thursday 30th October, 2014 download (1)

Ruts DC just go from strength to strength. Having just completed their Album LIVE ON STAGE and after their triumphant Euro tour .They returned to play London’s Garage on Saturday night to rave reviews and a warm reception by fans and new converts alike.


Ruts DC now start a select UK tour starting in Leeds on Thursday 6th November at The Wardrobe.

The show consists of songs representing their many phases - The more recent Rhythm Collision 2 -The critically acclaimed Animal Now and, of course, a classic version of Babylon’s Burning, Staring at the Rude Boys, Jah War and others.

The 2 remaining original Ruts members - Segs Jennings and Dave Ruffy - provide an exciting powerhouse rhythm section for new addition Leigh Heggarty to excel on guitar .Segs handles the lead vocal / front man duties with panache and respect while Ruffy sings backing vocals as well as holding down the perfect beat.

Sounding fresh and with the songs still proving to carry an important message in these current times the Ruts DC show is a must see.

UK Now Wave Punks The Duel Announce U.S Management

Published Friday 24th October, 2014


Continuing a momentous 2014 for THE DUEL, the British punk rock band is thrilled to announce they have  US management with Cliff Davis  and C.A.D HARDCORE. With over a decade of boundary pushing releases, a lyrical presence unafraid to challenge social and political issues, and an impressive reputation for their explosive live performances, the band has emerged as one of the UK’s most inspiring punk rock propositions, with a live reputation to match. Shows with the likes of Dead Kennedys, UK Subs, Vice Squad, Buzzcocks, Peter Hook, and Sham 69 over the years, as well as their own headlining performances and numerous appearances at the world’s biggest punk festival Rebellion, has established the band as one of the genre’s genuinely explosive and potently influential bands. That reputation has spread beyond the shores of their homeland, and it is fair to say that “Waging War” and its predecessor, “Soundtrack To The End Of The World”, has helped sparked a hungry spotlight on their sounds in America. So The Duel are thrilled to take that awareness and presence to new levels and intensity through the linking up with the exciting management team at C.A.D HardCore. Now The Duel cannot wait to taste the unique US punk scene and give it a healthy dose of now-wave incitement. Pete RingMaster

Ruts D.C. at The Garage Oct 25th

Published Tuesday 21st October, 2014

They say there is a time and place for everything, and without doubt Saturday 25th October at London’s The Garage, will be a night when the city’s music scene explodes for one of its most thrilling adventures this year. Presented by Home Grown in association with Satellite, the night will see the legendary RUTS D.C. unleash their inimitable and inspirational ‘dubbed out grooviness’,a sound to leave feet and emotions romping with relish.


Ruts DC was formed in 1980 by guitarist Paul Fox, bassist John 'Segs' Jennings, and drummer Dave Ruffy, emerging out of one of punk’s most inspirational bands-The Ruts. Starting with their first album 'Animal Now', the band was soon sculpting new templates for the imagination and for emerging bands to feed upon. It was with the following 'Rhythm Collision Volume 1' though that the band truly began exploring a new style of music and awoke new untapped passions in fans and music alike. The years between the band’s end in 1983 and reunion in 2011 still saw them continuing to inspire, whilst a special emotional gig at the Islington Academy in2007 with Henry Rollins joining the band (including Paul who would soon after succumb to incurable lung cancer) has gone down in the Capital’s musical history. The release of 'Rhythm Collision Volume 2' on the band’s return saw that Segs and Ruffy were still crafting a sound as vital and innovative as ever. Live too; playing both Ruts DC and Ruts classics, the band continues to leave audiences aflame, ensuring that Saturday will be imposing another indelible pleasure on those present.


The Ruts DC



Alongside Ruts DC, there will also be the double doom voracity of Preston sextet EVIL BLIZZARD, a band unleashing the irresistible bait of four bassists and a singing drummer within a sound as ravenous as it is adventurously unique. The night’s thrilling trio of bands is completed by THE DUEL, another boundary pushing proposition setting new standards with their blistering now wave punk rock. Hitting new pinnacles with their recently released new album ‘Waging War’, the Londoners are sure to leave a lasting fire in ears and evening.



With the potential to produce one of the year’s most scintillating events, Saturday night already has the city drooling in anticipation and fans clamouring to be part.


Published Thursday 16th October, 2014

Source: Phonocaster Music




RODDY RADIATION & THE SKABILLY REBELS Former guitarist of The Specials, Roddy Byers, as frontman of his newest and best musical endeavor. (Available from November 2014 onwards)

THE DOGS Powerful breed founded by well-known guitarist Loren Molinare (Little Caesar). (Available in February 2015)



After 32 years of treating audiences to his own Ska-Rockabilly brand of “Radiation” therapy, Roddy Byers is stepping away from the side of the stage as the Specials’ lead guitarist and into the center spotlight as the frontman/guitarist of his newest and best musical endeavor, the SKABILLY REBELS!

Roddy and his Skabilly Rebels are the next phase of an audio formula Byers has been working to perfect since the day he stepped into the recording studio with the Specials back in the 80s – a fusion of the driving rhythm of Ska and the gritty, hard edge of Rockabilly, also known as “Skabilly.” With the Skabilly Rebel’s debut album, BLUES ATTACK!, Byers and his boys Sam Smith (rhythm guitar), Matt Hart (drums), Mac (bass), and Jay Jones (keyboards) bring this sound screaming into beautiful reality, spanning a variety of sonic flavors from the cajun-edged “Black Zodiac,” to the breezy-ska of “Desire,” to the roots-rock flow of “Judgement Day,” to the blues anthem “Another Rusty Nail.” The unique vibe behind each Byers-penned original tune is tied together by that Skabilly heart and soul that flows through Byers’ vagabond voice and shredding guitar licks.

Each song’s rocksteady beat, vocal twang, and rocking riff takes the listener on a thrilling adventure of teenage angst, crazy weekends, long-lost love, cheating hearts, sudden death, and a deep longing for that which a simple department store window is holding back. The subject matter in the 16 tracks is diverse enough to leave any and all listeners able to find a piece of themselves in Byers’ lyrics. Listen to BLUES ATTACK!, and prepare to move your body to the next, best wave of Ska’s evolution…embrace the sound of REBELLION today!



“HYPERSENSITIVE,” the long-awaited new release by THE DOGS that coincides with selfsame video release as of January 2012. To note its repertoire includes strong Dogs’ classics old and new understates feloniously. Next to be shot by their stalwart video genius Salvatore Sebergandio comes “What Goes In Quiet Comes Out Loud,” a spankin’ fresh newie. One of them however, “Beatin’ The Floor” was the very first song ever written by Dogs’ singer/songwriter/guitarist LOREN MOLINARE, although its driving rock sounds as fully formed as the adult Venus rising on the halfshell in Botticelli’s masterpiece painting of her birth. And “Beatin’ ” would date from…1967. As do THE DOGS, add a year for name and personnel changes. In the Detroit/Ann Arbor/Lansing nexus THE DOGS rocked hard, fast and precise (energy-maniacs onstage they may have been, their proficiency as teens cast them practically as rock prodigies) with their own original songs from the get-go. They opened for the likes of MC5, Stooges, Amboy Dukes with Ted Nugent, SRC etc. etc. etc. throughout the late ’60s/early ’70s as commemorated in “HYPERSENSITIVE’s” “Motor City Fever” a real knock-out dating from the same era as the bands it name-checks in one of this band’s most powerfully riffed songs ever.

“…The Dogs: brutal, hard-charging, ferocious, uncompromising, committed, raw, etc. et al. But that all seems to miss the point. The point is really… That their work continues to be important to the band themselves and a community of friends and fans around the world fortifies and validates their accomplishment… Is this important? I think it is. Why? Because it tells me I’m not alone. I’m not the only nutcase out there who cares… That The Dogs have existed in a corner of the world of music on their own, under their own power means more to me than hit records and mass marketing… They made it happen in the face of a world that said, ‘Just who in the hell do you think you are?’ ‘We’re The Dogs’ is the only answer that matters.”


Every human being on the planet deserves and should watch this if they love to live !!

Published Wednesday 26th November, 2014

The Science of Happiness – An Experiment in Gratitude

Published Saturday 13th September, 2014

What makes you happy? Have you ever wondered why?


Morrissey Autobiography

Published Friday 28th November, 2014 Morrissey is someone l have always struggled with, but in recent times l have softened and l have come round to the world of all things Morrissey related, and you know what? lm glad l did it. So here l am tackling his autobiography, and his book is indeed worthy of high praise, why? well because of the style of his writing, it is superb. Like l said, l was a very latecomer to his music, even though, l have been aware of his songs, they would appear in my head at times, humming along to one of his many hits, they really are catchy tunes. l often wonder why l was so dismissive of his songwriting, l remember liking the music of The Smiths but did not like his singing style, maybe it's the curse of being a musician, one of the downsides is that you get this kind of snobbery towards fellow artists, and you put up these invisible walls, that are so unnecessary, sometimes you get stuff instantly, and at other times it takes a while to break down them barricades. As l'm emerged in his memoirs, to pore over, and it feels like l am in a tornado thrashing my way through, this book, that l do not want to put down, it is like an addiction, maybe because there are no chapters, no stopping till the end. It is just glorious from Stevens birth, school which was, hideous for the Moz with, its out of the Victorian age, of education, and this was in the early seventies, my how times have changed, thank crikey. Onwards we go to his love of Rock n Roll and all things Glam and the beauty of the sixties girl groups and solo artists such as Buffy Saint Marie. I'm thrilled to find out he is such a music fan, l was once told by a former manager, that l was too much of a music fan which did unbalance me for a while, till l came to my senses and realised, l can't not love music. Morrissey tells me of his love of The New York Dolls and the gift that is Johnny Marr, then having to deal with the horrible court case, where former Smiths drummer Mike Joyce takes him to the cleaners, and the suffering ensures, and the repercussions are ugly. Even if your not a fan of Morrissey, you should try and read this book, it is his truth and need's to be addressed it sometimes feels like, there is a Morrissey conspiracy going on, and if there is ,he lets you know his side, he is such a controversial character and with the recent cancer story surrounding his well being, it would be, a sad world without this man and his opinions. Meantime he continues to tour. Morrissey plays the O2 this saturday 29th Nov His latest album is called World Peace Is None Of Your Business Chris McDougall

I & I The Natural Mystics

Published Friday 21st November, 2014 This book has been a long time coming in my view, and what a great book it is, finally we have the story of the main Wailers, and we get much much more about their backgrounds.l was wondering if there was a book discussing the three wailers, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley and Bunny Livingston and the answer is yes there is, thanks to Colin Grants, I &I The Natural Mystics. The book opens up with a lot about the history of Jamaica, it is crucial that we learn about this, as it is important to find the back story to set the scene for the birth of the Wailers from boyhood to brotherhood to manhood.From the rise of the dance hall craze to the sound systems and onwards to the rise of the Rudeboys and the Rastafarian movement that cemented into the mindset of this trio, this book tackles all of these matters with fantastic detail its historical references are dotted all over this manuscript it is very intriguing to say the least. l posses a fair few Ska and Reggae songs( but not nearly enough to consider myself an expert which l am not) and l'm very curious as to what the songs represent lyric wise, and this book gives me great insight into a lot of what the songs were about ,it really opened things up to me and when l re-listen to the tunes l feel l have a better understanding and knowledge all thanks to this book. Its hard to judge what would have happened if the Wailers had continued and Chris Blackwell of Island Records had not suggested on changing the name to Bob Marley and The Wailers, which would have maybe allowed the band to continue,They were all very much talented as individuals, maybe it was for the best that Bob continued on in his own manner, l know Peter Tosh made great albums and so so did Bunny, After the first big tour l think Bunny had enough and was kinda introverted as a character and Peter had a message of his own which was more militant and Bobs was a more global message of love. But maybe things were for the best, the way they turned out. Nowadays only Bunny carries the torch of the wailers and continues to play l saw him listed to play a festival when l was in France this year, if you want to read a book about Bob there are plenty of choices out there but dont get Marley and Me its about a dog so thats best to be avoided unless you like canines then its a must but in my humbling opinion what is really a must is, I&I The Natural Mystics by Colin Grant. Chris McDougall

The Roxy Book

Published Friday 14th November, 2014 I wonder if you can get a degree in punk rock studies, l'm sure it is possible, l mean, in the way it is a part of history, it did happen so why not. In schools today they teach history mainly on things like Nazis and the decline of london through plagues and fires and its rebirth. Things that can be found in this book( well almost) about the Roxy club and punk rock's birth, and what happened next, so if your gonna study punk rock this will give you great information and much more. The Roxy was the first main venue for up and coming punk rockers in 1977 it was a place to go to experiment and to meet like minded individuals whether you were wanting to start a band, get it going and play on its home built stage or wear your own style of clothing or you were so frustrated with life in general and you needed to challenge yourself into making some form of statement then this was the place to go to. The Roxy was situated in Neal street in Covent garden, London, its not there anymore ,its now a clothing outlet, l never went to the Roxy l was very young and was to scared to be a runaway however l did once work opposite where the Roxy once stood l was doing work experience in a little Virgin shop l was only there for a few weeks and then moved on. Anyway enough digressing, this is a really well thought out book by Paul Marko the books actually called The Roxy London A punk history it came out in 2007 and l finally got one to read. This book is so full of good information about the Roxy scene and what went on particularly the chapter that explains a typical night out at the Roxy with snippets from the people that attended, it is strikingly realistic you can almost smell the glue. You know there was two Roxys( same venue different promoters) the one that is most famous and probably most urging is the first one started by Andy Czezowski (who would go on to start the Fridge in Brixton) and musician Barry Jones (who would go on to form The London Cowboys with Steve Dior) they even made an album called Live at the Roxy which featured the fist wave of punk bands such as Buzzcocks,Slaughter and The Dogs, X-Ray Spex etc...l own this record its very raw sounding, but gives out the right energy it was a good way to get to find out what the punk bands were up to, theres even been a film made by the DJ of the first Roxy Don Letts called the Punk Rock movie and has many scenes from the Roxy in it. The other Roxy which was run by a certain Kevin St John is a somewhat more darker scene but at least it continued to give refuge for the punk scene and where the band UK Subs made a start and they continue to play and record to this day. Its kind of a shame that the first wave of punks looked down on the second wave who got irratated wth the rich punks who could afford kings roads attires and its with great sadness to read about the violence that seemed to prevail almost everything from getting to the venue, the venue itself and the return journey it was a tough time to be a punk rocker in 1977 that's for sure. Chris McDougall

Shopping Centre

Published Wednesday 05th November, 2014 Shopping Centres I'm so overwhelmed, when l get in a gigantic shopping centre or a mall as they are called in America, well the one up the road from me is so vast, that everytime l enter the place l get so lost in its bigness. The Clash once sang about being Lost In A Supermarket, maybe l should write one about a shopping centre it might have to be a concept album though let alone a song with all those shops and walkways. I mean, where do those places come from, the one near me is like Terminal 5 Heathrow l almost feel like i'm going to fly somewhere exciting with sea views ,but alas when l leave the huge mall its only a cold flat that beckons me so i'm always a bit disappointed. Where do these places come from? apparently shopping centres were around in the Roman times so thats a long time back and still, it's hard to get use to. I remember in my youth there was shopping precincts but they were small and also acted as a meeting point, so you could find your friends, its only when they started putting roofs on them, that they became shopping centres as opposed to being called precincts.l would only meet someone now well away from a shopping centre otherwise l might never see them again. I remember the Bullring in Birmingham, that place was intense, massive walkways all over the place l was so bewildered. Maybe its just me, but its like l got this fear about going shopping in general, let alone entering a labyrinth of clothing outlets,mobile phone shops and loads of restrauants, and then theres the carpark enter in to the maze of doom. l think l worry more about going into the shops and getting something, only to find out the item has been onsale at a knock down price at another shop around the bend two floors down. l know you could probably go back to the shop you first purchased the item and claim that you just made a terrible mistake, and can l please get a refund, then go back into the labyrinth and try and locate the bargain shop, just seems so bewildering so the other option is to just go online order the item, and have the worry of, will it be the right size and the right colour, or maybe l should have gone to the shopping centre and tried the item on, and round and round it goes ,best thing is dont worry about it, just deal with it ,its just some shops in a big aircraft hanger and you dont even need a passport. Chris McDougall ( ARRGHHHHH)

An enlightening documentary about the outbreak of Ebola in Liberia

Published Saturday 13th September, 2014

West Africa is being plagued by a new outbreak of Ebola — a terrifying disease that causes its victims to bleed to death from the inside out. Ebola has no cure, and the latest epidemic is spreading fast.

Migrant Crisis in Calais: Britain’s Border War

Published Saturday 13th September, 2014 Refugees from Afghanistan, Syria, Sudan, and Eritrea steadily descend on a migrant camp in the French coastal town of Calais. They hope to gain entry to the UK, just 21 miles away across the English Channel. But in May, French police destroyed their camp and told the migrants to go elsewhere. And so they moved... across the street. With the few tents and blankets they're able to salvage, the refugees formed the Salam camp, which now holds about 400 people.

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