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FFR UK Punk Reggae Night Oct 8th

Published Tuesday 23rd September, 2014

London may not quite be burning yet, but it will be ablaze with passion and fiery sounds come Wednesday Oct 8th when FFR UK presents another of their inimitable Punk Reggae Nights.

8th Oct nwq

The Intrepid Fox is the venue for another of the Capital’s most hungrily devoured events, which continue to draw acclaim and passionate support. This night will be no different as feverish sounds and expression once again marks what will be one more night to go down in FFR UK’s and London’s music scene history.


The fire for the evening will be provided throughout by the compelling and essential sounds discovered and shared by DJ Segs. A legend of the punk rock, acid house, reggae scene and original bassist/co-songwriter of seminal punk band The Ruts, as well as one of the driving forces of the inspirational Ruts DC, Segs Jennings sculpts a musical canvas for audiences to give their bodies and passions to.

Also bringing their distinctive flames and live performances to the bonfire of revelry will be Gary Clail and The London SS.

gary 1

An English singer and record producer who was a successful part of On-U Sound Records from the late eighties and led Gary Clail's Tackhead Sound System before numerous solo releases, Gary formed the Gary Clail Sound System last year and is poised to release the highly anticipated album “Nail It To The Mast”, and there are sure to be teasers and more on the night for his new collaboration with DJ Libby Laws.


FFR UK also welcomes The London SS to the night. Formed in 1975 and in its time containing members who went on to form and play in the likes of The Damned, The Clash, Chelsea, and Generation X, The London SS was reformed in 2012 by original member Brady. They have come back with the same irrepressible attitude and energy, and already been banned by a certain London venue for the band name alone. They are punk rock and will certainly leave the crowd in exhausted bliss.

Hosted by Bart Barton as (The Spirit of Any Warhol) with plenty of surprises in store, October 8th promises to be one of the biggest thrills yet unleashed by FFRUK.

By Pete RingMaster.


Nick Cave | 20,000 Days On Earth

Published Wednesday 17th September, 2014 Legendary musician Nick Cave's life is examined in director Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard's pseudo-documentary, 20,000 Days on Earth. Go behind the scenes with the filmmakers as they describe the unconventional approach they used to explore the myth-making of a musician as well as larger themes such as memory, the creative spirit, and what it means to be a human being.


Published Saturday 13th September, 2014

Polyfest is in its second year and will be at the Half Moon Pub in Putney with an eye watering line up :

On Saturday 4th October:

Doctor & The Medics Youth (Killing Joke) Sham69 judy T zuke Saffron Sprackling Anita Harris Angie Brown (Bizarre INC.) Rick Buckler (The Jam) Jona Lewie Beautiful People Shakespearos (Ex Vapors) Stems Adam Masterson Mex

On Sunday 5Th October:

Ruts DC Neville Staple (The Specials) John Otway The DUEL Splodgenessabounds The Homosexuals The Carnabys Eight Rounds Rapid Pretty Rascals Sarah Dee polyfest2014 edit

FFR UK Reggae Punk @ The Intrepid Fox

Published Thursday 04th September, 2014 As the heat of the summer turns towards an autumn glow, the temperature is set to remain high as FFR UK brings London another of their renowned and feverishly devoured Reggae Punk nights.

sept flyer small

Wednesday September 10th sees FFR UK take over The Intrepid Fox @ Archway Tavern, for a night of energy and passion aligned to music eager to infect feet and soul. There will be no escaping physically and emotionally incendiary sounds as the event brings together two of the capital’s inimitable bands.

segs ruts dc

Throughout the night DJ SEGS will also be igniting the audience with his legendary DJ set. From the boundary blurring Ruts DC and the original bass player and co-writer of punk’s most inspirational protagonists The Ruts, Segs always parades artists and music to spark the mind and feed the heart, with this night sure to find even richer treasures from him.

The homosexuals

The show also sees THE HOMOSEXUALS bring their unique punk/post-punk invention to tease and thrill. Formed in 1976 out of the ashes of The Rejects, the band which has been described as "punk visionaries”, has been one of the perpetual forces of the London D.I.Y. movement.

the smokes

Under the drive of creator Bruno Wizard, The Homosexuals continue to dismiss restraints whilst creating irresistible sounds and are primed to offer the night their healthily distinct flavour alongside another attention grabbing proposition in the shape of THE SMOKES. A trio brewing up a gripping Iggy-esque style of sonic punk, the Londoners has continued to seduce ears and turn heads top strong reactions, something sure to be emulated on Wednesday night. With special guests and surprises going hand in hand with exhilarating sounds, all compared by BART BARTON as The Spirit of Andy Warhol, only those in hibernation will be happy to miss another exciting FFR UK presentation. For anyone unable to join the fun, the night will also be streamed live @

By Pete RingMaster



The Science of Happiness – An Experiment in Gratitude

Published Saturday 13th September, 2014

What makes you happy? Have you ever wondered why?

Law of Attraction – “People perish for the lack of this hidden knowledge…”

Published Wednesday 04th June, 2014 By Dr. Bruce Lipton

Creation Stories Riots,Raves And Running A Record Label

Published Wednesday 17th September, 2014   Ok, since we have got things Scottish in mind l thought l'd write a Scottish themed item to serve the current times. I got hold of Alan McGee’s Creation Stories book which is the most up to date story of Alan's life in the music business. It was tough growing up in Glasgow during the 60's/70's. It really was a depressing place to be. (Thank goodness for comedians like Chic Murray and Billy Connolly for making Glaswegians laugh). It was in a sense the pits. Alan Mcgee he had his tough times growing up, in fact he says it's what made him the man he is. Somebody said later on in his life that he was a good actor, to which he replied he has been playing a character called Alan McGee most of his life.   Alan grew up in the Mount Florida area of Glasgow, which was nearby where l had dwelled once. l lived in Crosshill, nicknamed Angry Mountain. But that was in 1978 and that was kind of bleak. lt was here that he met fellow co-conspirator, Bobby Gillispie, who would would become famous as the lead singer of Primal Scream.   Alan moved to London in the early 80's to start his now world-famous record label, Creation Records, and to put out records by bands he loved and thought deserved better recognition. I always loved a lot of bands that recorded on Creation and thought it was a brilliant label, with the likes of The Jesus and Mary Chain, Swervedriver, House of Love, Slowdive, Teenage Fanclub and Primal Scream to name just a few. To be honest l love most of the stuff that has come out on this label and Mcgee was great at bringing this stuff to the public. He wasn't a one man operation; he had input from the likes of Joe Foster, Ed Ball and Dick Green and many others.   I have to say l read this book quickly. l had to force myself to put it to down it was that thrilling. l was totally immersed in it. l had read another book about Alan and creation called My Magpie Eyes Are Hungry For The Prize, The Creation Records Story, so in a way l was familiar with this book's concept. Nevertheless, although, in some parts l knew some of the stories, it did not matter; it's better to hear them from the horse’s mouth so to speak.   It's a real shame that Alan had his come-apart-at-the-seams moment and could not enjoy the success with Oasis - his greatest signing and the band that would monopolise the Creation outfit. In the end, it got too out of hand and Alan moved on to start Poptones and had success with The Hives. He also started up the club, Death Disco, which was a brilliant night. l played at this club and it was ace.   Another thing that Alan excelled in was management. He had managed bands such as the House of Love and The Mary Chain so it was with no surprise he got asked to manage The Libertines who boosted the two songwriting talents of Carl Barat and Pete Doherty. The latter, who like a true artist, was a nutter, a trait that some would say Alan himself may have a bit of, though it would not be forthright to make any comparison. At present Alan McGee is back in the music game after a slight hiatus from the business, he currently has a new label called 359 records which he runs from his home in Wales and l'm sure he will discover more emerging talent to keep music alive. Chris McDougall

Chrissie Hynde One Badass Punk Rock Girl

Published Saturday 13th September, 2014

Women Who Rock: Vision, Passion, Power

Published Saturday 13th September, 2014

Women Who Rock is a collection of must-see memorabilia from the most-recognized women in rock and roll history.

Rockin In The 70s

Published Wednesday 10th September, 2014 Chris McDougall Oh what a time to be a working musician rocking the globe back in the early nineteen seventies and what a superb thing 70's TV shows such as "The Beat Club" form Germany and "The Old Grey Whistle Test" form Britain were. It has been more than useful to investigate into the band "Humble Pie" and also the book that Jerry Shirley who drummed in the band wrote called 'The Best Seat In The House. Jerry was an original member along with Greg Ridley (formally of Spooky Tooth) on Bass and vocals, Peter Frampton (ex The Herd) on Guitar and Vocals and Steve Marriot (ex Small Faces) also on Guitar and Vocals, what an explosive quartet they were. Jerrys book deals with the golden period of the bands career from 1969-1975. He should write a book on the lives of his parents who both had led remarkable upbringings and adventures, his mother must have circumnavigated the world at least three times before air travel was fashionable, a right Indiana Jones and his Dad had more than his fair share of adventures too, like going fishing with hand grenades, there's a tip for you there "Robson Green". Back to "The Pie", who also had a thing for travelling with their many tours of the USA and to the amazing faith Record labels had back in the 70's, when you could release a few albums before the wolf came knocking and jilted you, by the way you can still do this nowadays if you're a" Do It Yourself "band, in fact you can do this as long as you wish with todays technology, with internet and suchlike but I'm moving away from the target here. Jerry Shirley's book deals with what really happened with "Humble Pie", something that I'm really grateful for, l was under the impression "Humble Pie" were a bit of a disaster and they should have been a lot more well known than they were, Jerry explains his side and is nothing but gracious about the whole thing. For example he has nothing but love for his bandmates and managers and he explains the events in a very courteous manner. "Humble pie" are probably best known for their live in concert opus "Rockin The Fillmore", arguably one of the best live album's of the seventies, it boosts a 23 minute version of "Dr Johns" "Walking on Guilded Splinters", that's about as long as an episode of " Coronation Street". How gloriously self indulgent the things you could get away with then,this album was in someway a purveyor for "Peter Framptoms" the biggest selling live double album to date "Frampton Comes Alive". My favourite "Pie" album always has been "Smokin" which was their first without Frampton and the first to feature "Clem Clempson" on Guitar, this album has always been in my collection, thanks to my Dad for putting it there for me. "Humble Pie" never really got the merit they deserved, maybe it was because they were so overwhelmed by the success of bands like" Led Zeppelin", " Black Sabbath", "Deep Purple" and "Free" or maybe it's because they had many strings to their Bow merging "Rock n Roll/Soul/Blues/Gospel" but then so did "The Rolling Stones" and "The Faces "ah well they'll always have a place in my heart.

An enlightening documentary about the outbreak of Ebola in Liberia

Published Saturday 13th September, 2014

West Africa is being plagued by a new outbreak of Ebola — a terrifying disease that causes its victims to bleed to death from the inside out. Ebola has no cure, and the latest epidemic is spreading fast.

Migrant Crisis in Calais: Britain’s Border War

Published Saturday 13th September, 2014 Refugees from Afghanistan, Syria, Sudan, and Eritrea steadily descend on a migrant camp in the French coastal town of Calais. They hope to gain entry to the UK, just 21 miles away across the English Channel. But in May, French police destroyed their camp and told the migrants to go elsewhere. And so they moved... across the street. With the few tents and blankets they're able to salvage, the refugees formed the Salam camp, which now holds about 400 people.

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