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FFR UK Reggae Punk Mondays 28 April 2014

Published Wednesday 23rd April, 2014

28 april 2014

As the heat of summer approaches the capital, FFR UK REGGAE PUNK MONDAYS provides another insatiable blaze of musical incitement at the 12 Bar Club on April 28th. It will be a night to tempt feet and emotions as the renowned event once again raises the temperature of London’s music scene.

With another selection of thrilling special guests in store for the audience, your resident hosts as always set the potent match to the creative kindling with their unique presence and passion.

segs ruts dc

DJ SEGS will vein the night in the very best inspirational and innovative sounds with his DJ set. The original bass player and co-writer of the legendary Ruts and one of the driving forces of the equally provocative Ruts DC, Segs Jennings is a pioneer in searching out and sharing the best music and artists to inspire and tantalise ensuring the night will be flush with aural innovation.

the duel use

His imagination is as ever matched by THE DUEL, the Now Wave Punks creating their own potent brew of cutting edge rock ‘n’ roll. With their new album coming all the closer, now is truly the time to become soaked in their provocative and imaginative invention.

Special guests this week come in the exciting shape of THE GONGS and the raw adventure of THE SMOKES. Consisting of Trojan Sound System vocalists CHUCKY BANTAN, JAH BUCK, and SUPER 4, The Gongs are a certainty to have bodies flexing and emotions soaring with their unique presence. They will be the cause of plenty of self-rebuke from those missing what is sure to be another big highlight in the history of Reggae Punk Mondays.

the smokes

London’s own emerging rockers The Smokes will equally bring a distinct flavour and impact to a night sure to be talked about. Add the feisty surprises and twists which constantly light up the BART BARTON AS THE SPIRIT OF ANDY WARHOL compared night and you know FFR UK will be presenting an end to April which no one should miss.

By Pete RingMaster


FFR UK Reggae Punk Mondays 21st April 2014

Published Wednesday 16th April, 2014

21st april 20143 good one

The renowned FFR UK REGGAE PUNK MONDAYS continue their potent incitement of the London entertainment scene with another unmissable night of rich and broad sounds on April 21st at the 12 Bar Club; mischievous adventure and essential music sure to fuel a night to remember and leave a lingering imprint on the musical heart of the city.

As ever the event’s special guests are as eclectic as they are irresistibly provocative, all rousing challengers to creative apathy and bland conformity. We have the inimitable DARRELL BATH TRIO, the thrilling band of ex- Dogs D’Amour and UK Subs guitarist Darrell Bath.

darrell bath

They are already primed to spark passions just as one of the UK’s most exciting emerging bands, THE COTTONETTES. Hailing from the Aldershot, the trio has been brewing up hunger for their original Oi! pop sound which they will share with relish and devilry on Monday night.

the cottonettes

Adding to the fun, FFR UK also presents the compelling rock ‘n’ roll of The eLeCtRiC eYeS, a London band merging a raw blues incitement to their imagination nagging sound,

the electric eyes

alongside South Wales’ very own LITTLE ERIS. One of most inventive artists in the DIY underground the lady is the creator of what is destined to be one of the year’s acclaimed singles and sure to light up the night, 'Wreck 'n' Rollin'.

little eris

The night’s resident hosts complete the breath-taking line-up. Segs Jennings the original bass player and co-writer of the legendary Ruts and Ruts DC, will once again inspire and thrill with his imaginative DJ SEGS set throughout the night

segs ruts dc

whilst Now Wave Punks THE DUEL can be guaranteed to provoke and fire up thoughts and passions with their free thinking invigorating sound.

the duel new pic

With BART BARTON AS THE SPIRIT OF ANDY WARHOL comparing the event, FFR UK’s Reggae Punk Mondays once more unveils revelry no one dares miss, whether live at the show or through the live stream @

By Pete RingMaster


FFR UK Reggae Punk Mondays 31st March 2014

Published Friday 28th March, 2014

31st march 14

March 31st sees FFR UK REGGAE PUNK MONDAYS moving to the Dublin Castle, Camden for one week whilst offering one of its most exciting and eagerly anticipated nights yet. There will be adventure, drama, and fun soaking the event with guests who quite simply light the imagination and spark the passions.

segs ruts dc

Driving the night your hosts DJ SEGS and THE DUEL will rouse up the spirit and energy of all attending; Segs Jennings one of the founders of punk and rock legends Ruts and Ruts DC entwining the evening with his irrepressibly inspiring DJ set whilst London’s Now Wave Punk Rock protagonists will let more of their unique and ground breaking invention loose. It is safe to say that you can expect extra fire in the belly of The Duel as they also celebrate the announcement of the release of their new album “Waging War” in May.

the duel use

FFRUK dare to invite and provide a canvas for the most individual, conformity challenging artists and they come no more insatiably provocative than punk legend SPIZZ. Bringing with guest musicians his band SPIZZOLOGY to share a mix of Spizz tracks and as well as songs that has influenced the man, intrigue and unpredictability will have a thrilling place at the main table of the night.


Also bringing their masterful noise pop to bear on the adventure will be DEADCUTS, a band made up of Mark Keds (ex- The Senseless Things), Trevor Sharpe (ex- Miranda Sex Garden), Mark McCarthy (Wonder Stuff) and Jerome Alexandre (ex-The Skuzzies). Theirs is an invigorating presence and exploration sure to help spark another pinnacle in the history of the event.


Hailing from Camden Town, The Mercanaries are a most exciting band creating a proper party atmosphere that cuts through the pretentiousness of a lot of the scenesters. The bands baggy but raw punky sound and euphoric dance energy has drawn direct comparisons to the legendary Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses but with the attitude and passion of greats like the Clash & the Pistols.

the mercanaries

Compared by the inimitable charms of Bart Barton as The Spirit oF Andy Warhol, FFR UK’s Reggae Punk Mondays will once again be adding another far reaching imprint on London’s music nightlife this week, one bound to raise the most voracious appetites. And remember everyone can be part with the night also being streamed live @

By Pete RingMaster


The One Aim Rally 2014

Published Thursday 27th March, 2014

one aim rally

THE DUEL is proud to announce that the band will be part of THE ONE AIM RALLY 2014, a wonderful event raising funds for THE QUEEN’S REGIMENT BENEVOLENCE FUND.

The band has always strived to promote and support worthy causes, but sometimes things really bring home the importance of and the support that events like this deserve. For vocalist TARA REZ it was seeing an ex-serviceman who having lost a leg for the country was reduced to begging on the streets. Rather than wanting to feel helpless for him and all ex-soldiers like him with their varying needs, she and the band were stirred to add their passions and energy to this fine event.

The three day military themed event is presented by the QUEEN'S REGIMENTAL RIDERS ASSOCIATION and will be held from Friday 4th of July through to Sunday 6th. The QRRA was formed under the umbrella of the Queen's Regimental Association (a registered charity); to assist in raising funds for the Benevolence of ex-Queensmen with the One Aim Rally a potent centre point.

The promoter of the festival, STEVE PARSONS explains about the aim of the event. “It is to raise money for our regiment benevolence fund ,[for those]which have served in different wars and conflicts ,and in general any ex-Queensmen that needs help in their older years; money for wheelchairs ,wet rooms ,nursing ,guide dogs etc.”

With camping and facilities at the site at Owls Hatch Road, Herne Bay, Canterbury in Kent, the weekend will include a host of great bands; the likes of Morgellons, The Relics, Slug Pixies, and Brothers Grimm alongside The Duel as well as numerous food and varied stalls, an on-site NAAFI Bar, kid’s entertainment, and plenty more events.

Like everyone involved, The Duel is excited and revved up to help make the weekend one of the most exciting and successful propositions, the union of great music and fun with one of the country’s best causes.

By Pete Ringmaster



China’s War on Pollution will be Fought by Smog-sucking Drones

Published Friday 14th March, 2014 Drones will shoot chemicals into the air that will freeze pollutants and cause them to fall to the ground. Spending a day in some cities in China has the same effect to lung health as smoking 3 packs of cigarettes.

You are 99.99999999% empty space

Published Friday 14th March, 2014 apple world

▶ Massacre in Vitoria – Reel News

Published Wednesday 23rd April, 2014 Published on Apr 9, 2014 1976, the Basque Country: under threat from a growing all-out strike amongst the factories of Vitoria, a dying fascist state orders the police to open fire on a peaceful assembly in a church during a general strike of the whole city, murdering 5 workers and seriously wounding over 100. 38 years on, no-one has been brought to justice for the cowardly attack on one of the greatest rank and file movements ever seen. via ▶ Massacre in Vitoria - YouTube.

Cat-Astrophe by Rick Hunt & Angie Bowie

Published Tuesday 22nd April, 2014


By Cherie G. Porter

angy 2

The dynamic combination of writer/animal activist Angie Bowie with the remarkable Native American visual artist Rick Hunt has produced an entertaining, fun, and memorable illustrated tale full of humor and adventure that contains poignant statements on larger social issues affecting humans and animals alike. This is truly a book that can be read (and should be read) by humans of all ages. It is perfect for sharing reading experiences between parent and child as well as a should be/must be included items in any veterinarian or animal shelter waiting room.

Angie Bowie photo by Chuck Morgan 004

Author Angie Bowie lends her lively, witty, charming, and fine-crafted literary style to a subject matter that is deeply personal to her due to her long-standing involvement in animal rights and animal rescue. The book gains depths from that very personal and intimate connection with the animal world. The paring of her writing with artist Rick Hunt is a perfect blend with his artistic vision carrying a decided fine arts quality to what might otherwise in other hands have been merely an "illustrated book." This book will certainly gain reputation as a highly collectible demonstration of the powerful team effort of two legendary literary and fine arts figures.


1 angy

China’s War on Pollution will be Fought by Smog-sucking Drones

Published Friday 14th March, 2014 Drones will shoot chemicals into the air that will freeze pollutants and cause them to fall to the ground. Spending a day in some cities in China has the same effect to lung health as smoking 3 packs of cigarettes.

Explosion in NYC

Published Friday 14th March, 2014 At least six people have died and several are missing after a gas leak sparked an explosion which levelled two buildings in New York City. explosion

Iceberg eight times the size of Manhattan breaks off from Antarctica – YouTube

Published Wednesday 23rd April, 2014 Iceberg eight times the size of Manhattan breaks off from Antarctica - YouTube.

Vivienne Westwood: Get Your Feet Wet―Try Vegetarian

Published Thursday 20th March, 2014
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