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Interview with Cheetah Chrome by Segs Jennings & Tara Rez

Published Friday 18th July, 2014

An Exclusive FFRUK TV interview with The Dead Boys legend Cheetah Chrome

New York Dolls Sylvain Sylvain at 100 Club – 3rd July 2014

Published Friday 13th June, 2014


Destined to be a night which will linger permanently in the minds and passions of the London music scene, the legendary SYLVAIN SYLVAIN returns to town to present an exclusive acoustic show.

The event has been as swift and exciting in its arrangement as the sounds the ex- New York Doll has treated ears to for over four decades. The last minute arrangement brings Sylvain to The 100 Club in Oxford Street on the 3rd of July and it promises to be a night as thrilling and memorable as last year’s show.

Since igniting new scenes and inspirations with New York Dolls, the man has persistently set new templates and adventures for rock ‘n’ roll, including working with David Johansen on the singer’s solo work, The Criminals, and more recently his newest venture The Batusis with Cheetah Chrome of The Dead Boys. Sylvain’s work and craft never tires of inciting and igniting audiences which ensures that this unique show will be one to savour and roar about for years to come.

the duel new

Also the night sees very special guests in SEGS from seminal punks THE RUTS parading his inimitable DJ set across the evening and two of punk’s finest provocateurs. Fresh from the release of their acclaimed fifth album “Waging War”, THE DUEL are sure to have extra fire in their bodies to give a sound, which is never shy of antagonistic imagination, even keener impact and those braving its call greater pleasure. Also bringing something uniquely special to the event is Watford punk legends THE BEARS, which from their potent emergence in the seventies has never been short of a mighty hook or two amidst punk revelry.

It all adds up to making the kind of festival of thrills and spills which can only make an indelible triumph on the scene’s history so there is no time to waste in being part of this special night.

Tickets are £16 in advance and can be got from

Pete RingMaster

Foo Fighters album: Dave Grohl reveals release date.

Published Thursday 05th June, 2014 News source: The Sydney Morning Herald Entertainment.


Foo Fighters lead singer Dave Grohl performing at AAMI Park in Melbourne in 2011. Photo: Paul Rovere. US rockers the Foo Fighters have revealed the release date for their highly-anticipated eighth album. Sony Music confirmed on Tuesday the band's "as-yet untitled" album would come out in November. "I've pulled up the family tree of American music and exposed its roots to find inspiration for the next Foo Fighters album," frontman Dave Grohl said. The band recorded each song in a different US city: Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Seattle and Washington DC. Each recording session featured local legends sitting in, and Grohl wrote the lyrics in an experimental style: he held off on putting down words until the last day of each session, so he could be inspired by the experiences, interviews for the band's upcoming TV series, and other local personalities who became part of the process. The band also leaked a surprise teaser to their new TV series for the American HBO channel, Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways. The sneak peek features the first passage of music from the eighth album. The rockers recently hinted they may tour Down Under, with a teasing message to fans posted on their Facebook page: "Hey AU/NZ pals... It's been WAYYY too long. "If you want to make sure to stay up on all the news... Sign up by clicking the envelope here: "Cause you never know where/when the Foo's may show up. Just sayin..." the band posted on the Facebook page. While it read like a massive hint the rockers will come Down Under, the link on the Facebook post led to a page encouraging people to sign up to their mailing list or share the link to their mailing list via Twitter and Facebook - and ultimately promoting their album. The Foo Fighters last toured Australia in 2011 with Jack Black's band Tenacious D.

The Duel’s New Album – WAGING WAR

Published Friday 23rd May, 2014

The Duel: Waging War

Rebellion has many faces but few as constructive and poetically empowering as that of British Now Wave punks The Duel and their voraciously adventurous sound. Well into their second decade of standing up and being counted vocally whilst unleashing some of the most inspiring and imaginatively thrilling releases to grace punk rock since its birth, the London quintet take their and the genre’s antagonistic template to a new scintillating provocation with fifth album ”Waging War”.

They have never been slow in pushing their invention and imagination whilst challenging the conscience and thoughts of punk; simultaneously sculpting some of the most virulently invigorating and exciting encounters, but The Duel has forged their strongest dramatic and creative plateau yet with their new nineteen track emprise. “Waging Wars” looks at and roars against the issues which personally and globally test and exploit everyday life with songs which are unafraid to grip with predatory hooks and seductive melodies within sinewed incitements which are as happy leading feet into dancing as they are protest. It is an incendiary mix unveiling a new flame of maturity and experimentation to the band’s songwriting and sound whilst sculpting new irresistible anthems for modern times.

The tracks release their intent and invention between pieces of compelling poetry, the band and album embracing the lingering heart and potency of verse with rousingly orchestrated pieces of equally poetic music. Placing these dramatic unions amongst the animatingly unique songs, each accentuating the potency of the other, The Duel creates a new dramatic exploration for themselves and the genre they lovingly and constantly drive forward.

With special guests Angie Bowie, Segs Jennings of The Ruts/Ruts DC, Ginger Coyote, and Dennis Just Dennis providing their provocative tones to the perpetual evocation, “Waging War” is a new voice and antagonist for The Duel as well as for punk and emotionally charged rock ‘n’ roll.

Pete Ring Master

Law of Attraction – “People perish for the lack of this hidden knowledge…”

Published Wednesday 04th June, 2014 By Dr. Bruce Lipton

Power of Nanotechnology

Published Monday 26th May, 2014 Power of Nanotechnology:

Nanotechnology originates from the Greek word meaning “dwarf”. A nanometer is one billionth (10-9) of a meter, which is tiny, smaller than the wavelength of visible light and a hundred-thousandth the width of a human hair.

Nanotechnology is the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale. This covers both current work and concepts that are more advanced. In its original sense, nanotechnology refers to the projected ability to construct items from the bottom up, using techniques and tools being developed today to make complete, high performance products.


All The Rage By Ian’ Mac’ McLagan

Published Wednesday 16th July, 2014 Ok before we start, this book may well be out of print, l know l had some hassle in tracking this down but never the less l got a copy and l know it's hardish to find but it's so good that you need to give it a go. This was published in 1997 when there were still record companies and you still went into shops to purchase CD's, wahey perhaps. This book is all about the exploits of Ian'Mac' McLagan who by all rights is the man to go to when you need that authenic Wurlitzer electric piano sound for your Blues/Soul based Rock n Roll stuff, don"t believe me? then check out "Tin Soldier" by The Small Faces, "Stay with me" by The Faces and "Miss you" by The Rolling Stones. Ohh he's a prime mover this fella and he's written a great memoir here, it's full of stories from his life and it's all rather splendid. This is not really a biog of his musical history, more tales of woe and happiness, this book is full to the brim of allsorts of adventures in his musical life, for example there's a great story about the Small Faces hit 'ltchycoo Park' and how they had to come to terms with playing this number live, you know the part in the song after the line 'Be Nice and have Fun in the Sun' where the the drums come in and its got phasing as the drum rolls, well it was such a crucial part that it was almost impossible to reproduce this live as this was a time before backing tracks or samplers, so these nutters the Small Faces thought it would be cool if they recorded the sounds of aircraft flying to recreate the whoosh on a mono cassette tape recorder, then put the aforementioned Tape recorder on stage miked up on top of McLagans Hammond Organ and when the drum part comes in he would press play and hopefully this would create the effect required, needless to say this did not quite work and l'm sure they had a right laugh about this. Ian Mclagan is not only a great Hammond organ player, he is a mighty fine storyteller regaling tales not only from the already mentioned bands he has graced the stage or recording studios with, we get stories about the New Barbarians, Bonnie Raitt as well as many others. Please if you want a biog about his bandlife, probably best to get The Faces book 'Had Me A Real Good Time by Andy Reid if you want to have rock n roll stories then this is a must, although have to admit 'Had Me A Real Good Time has good stories in it, l think "All The Rage" is better and more personalised. Ian still plays with his own band the Bump Band they just played at the Half-Moon in Putney l missed this gig as l was away but heard it was excellent. ( Ian playing with the Small Faces) Chris McDougall

Rolling Stones Summer of 1971

Published Wednesday 09th July, 2014 On a mission to find Nellcote in Villefranche-Sur-Mer on the French Riviera. No problem as l have been there before plus l know someone who knows the joint, so Quids in as they say in some quarters. Anyway l'm duty-bound by myself as l happen to be on the Cote-d'Azur and l know The Rolling Stones recorded tracks for their Double Album "Exile On Main Street" round these parts, so l'm making a pilgrimage to finding and checking out the vibe where those songs were recorded, why? because "Exile On Main Street" is very special to me. Keith Richards rented Nellcote, a great big villa right next to the sea where it was decided to record tracks for a forthcoming album in order for the The Stones to tour the USA, this album would become "Exile On Main Street". As l'm sitting here looking out on the pristine mediterranean waters at Villefranche-sur-mer, looking out over the harbour, l can only imagine what it must have been like to be here in 1971, to get an idea of what it was like you should check out the car chase scene from the first episode of the Persuaders starring none other than Roger Moore and Tony Curtis, a TV adventure series form the early 70's. Today Villefranche is a tourist hotspot serving visiting Cruise ships as they make their regular stops at various beauty spots all around the mediterranean and not forgetting the unforgettable jet-set, it's such a picturesque surrounding, no wonder it was favoured by the impressionist painters. l was made aware of this place through reading various Rolling Stones books, I was also told by those that were in the know that this place was unreachable to also being told that this place was rubble, two lies no less. This place is easy to find and it's not rubble, true there is no evidence of the Rolling Stones ever being there like for example no placard, no mention of Rolling Stones graffiti on the walls next to the railway path that leads to the house like you have outside Abbey Road Studios. I came by car last time with Kristen, Ryan and my guitar playing buddy Jody Porter who is also a connoisseur of things Rolling Stones related as well as being an excellent singer/songwriter of his own calibre and a member of the American band Fountains Of Wayne. This time l came by train with Fabienne who is well informed about these parts as she lived in the South of France for some time, lucky her.This is even easier to get to, catch a plane to Nice then jump on the train towards Vintimille and get off at Villefranche-Sur-Mer and head to the beach, follow the railway then up the stairs turn right and in no time you will reach the large gate that stand outside Nellcote and that's it really.The Stones lived here in Exile to avoid the huge taxes they now faced in Great Britain, something that by todays standards would be frowned upon needless to say it ended up costing them more to stay on the Cote-d'Azur as it would have cost them to pay their taxes in the first place, take note Starbucks et al.As it happens the band only made a handful of recordings including 'Happy' which was to become Keith Richards Tour De Force signature number on future Stones performances.The band were plagued with all sorts of mishaps that only a few of the tracks on the18 song double Album were made here. For more information l would recommend the fantastic "Season In Hell" by Robert Greenfield a well detailed book written by a witness to those events which reminds me, Jody are you finished with reading this book l gave you? If you're a Rolling Stones fan and happen to get to the coast in the South Of France please drop by and get some sun, mind you the prices are a bit in the high range for anything including accommodation, food and drink, if you're on a budget, bus and a carry out is always a possibility. Chris McDougall IMG_9881

Do You Remember Your First Concert

Published Wednesday 02nd July, 2014 It Is so hard to remember what you did with your flat keys and its even harder to contemplate your memory cells and come to terms with the first gig you ever attended, lucky then for me as my first show was kinda historic to a degree and therfeore l had some research available, thank you Internet. Ok the date was July 21st 1978 the place was The Starlite Bowl in Burbank, California, the band was Bob Marley And The Wailers and it was my first concert, well it's the first one l remember, l might have been at other shows before but this is the one l really have a memory of for reasons that l will explain later, but first why was this historic? well if you're a fan of Bob Marley you will know that this was the last time Peter Tosh performed with Bob onstage. Ok to some Peter Tosh is not a big deal, he was only in the band for one or two Island Records releases but The Wailers had been going a longtime before they signed to Island records, he wrote "Get Up Stand up" the great call to arms number in Bobs repertoire. I always thought Peter Tosh made as great a contribution to the reggae scene as Bob. He was a very eccentric character and was often misunderstood, he was more millitant in his message as Bob's message was more about love which of course is as much valid. What a night of talent that took the stage that night, with Bob were the almighty cast of Carlton and Aston aka 'family man' Barrett an unbelievable rhythm section, then we have Junior Marvin of 'Police and Thieves' fame on Guitar along with Al Anderson on Lead Guitar and Alvin Patterson on percussion, not to mention the I-Threes on backing vocals Rita, Judy and Marcia, wowee was l a lucky fella.Well the thing was in 1978 l was just 12 approaching 13 so l was in the strange transition of becoming a teenager, I was becoming aware of music, l remember l had a record player which by rights was mine but somehow it was located in the living room at home so the only records l remember having were Cheech and Chong, The Carpenters, Abba and Cat Stevens and maybe Tommy The Tugboat. So by what right of passage was this that beheld me to being allowed into the realm of Roots Rock Reggae, well here is the answer my father was stationed at Island Records Publishing Department In L.A, it was him that bestowed my entrance into this domain. So what were my memories, well the first one that comes to mind is pretty obvious it was the sweet smell of Weed, Ganja or Pot as it was and is known, a smell that seems to still be in the air wherever l go, ohh and the other thing was dancing yes l believe this was the first time l did a bit of jigging which sort of came in handy as l was about to start Scottish country dancing at school when l returned to Glasgow from my vacation that summer of 78'. the only other memories l have are the song 'Jamming' as it always seemed to be on the radio and l had a Kaya T-shirt with the marijuana emblem on the back which l dont think my teachers took kindly too when l wore it on sports day however the Punks in my neighbourhood thought it was cool seeing this spotty dude pedaling up and down the street on his pushbike with this T-shirt flabbing about, and the final thing was that l now knew what the hell was going on in my Cheech and Chong Records. bob-marley-peter-tosh-live-the-starlite-bowl-21 ( Peter Tosh And Bob Marley at The Starlite Bowl 1978) Chris McDougall

Nothing Ever Lights Forever

Published Wednesday 25th June, 2014 Echo and the Bunnymen. It's Sunday night and it has been a really hot day in West London as we venture round the corner to The Shepherds Bush Empire to watch Echo And The Bunnymen play a rescheduled date. We get there early when the doors open this is for two reasons one is to get a decent seat upstairs and the other is to watch Black Submarines who l thought was the opening band, wrong instead we get an unknown band to me called Then Thickens who as it turns out are pretty good, a young band who are on the move. l love new bands as I'm one of those who wants the music scene to prosper so thumbs up to the bunnys for bringing em on. The Bunnymen take to the stage in virtual darkness, it is hard to see em but that's the way they like it. Playing new numbers in amongst their classics such as The Cutter which sounds good and fresh, new songs are pretty good especially Holy Moses and the middle eastern sounding Constantinople work well with the older more well known songs played tonight like Killing Moon. I dont know why but l find that when I'm watching upstairs from my balcony and getting the flash hits from the stage lights, l find it hard to focus on Big Mac (Ian McCulloch) singer and charismatic frontman of the Bunnymen. I'm not sure if my eyesight is getting poorer or if it is just the lack of stage lights, l hope it's the latter. They play a great encore of Nothing Ever Last Forever which segues into Lou Reeds classic Walk On The Wild Side. They even come back and play one more new number, then it's home to bed as it's closing time on a Sunday, early to bed late to rise or is that something else? Anyway please go and see Echo And The Bunnymen whenever you can, maybe bring some torches the ones with batteries as l don't think Health and Safety not to mention Fire safety Officers would allow the use of fire branded torches like they had in olden times in caves and castles. p.s The photos l took all came out too dark so maybe my eyes are gonna be ok phew Chris McDougall

▶ 4/19/2014 — Multiple 7.0M+ events — Major Earthquake unrest showing Globally – BE PREPARED – YouTube

Published Tuesday 20th May, 2014 ▶ 4/19/2014 -- Multiple 7.0M+ events -- Major Earthquake unrest showing Globally - BE PREPARED - YouTube.

Published on Apr 19, 2014

In the past 30 days, we've seen NINETEEN 6.0M+ earthquakes... SEVEN 7.0M+ earthquakes... and TWO 8.0M+ events (with tsunami warnings issued for each). EXCESSIVE earthquake movement taking place over the past 3 weeks, internationally, and nationally in the US. In the past 7 days we've seen FIVE 6.0M+ earthquakes, and THREE 7.0M+ earthquakes. This is something we need to be watching intently.

Iceberg eight times the size of Manhattan breaks off from Antarctica – YouTube

Published Wednesday 23rd April, 2014 Iceberg eight times the size of Manhattan breaks off from Antarctica - YouTube.
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